Shaima Alawadi wanted a divorce, that's why she was murdered – by her own family!

So much for that “Million Hijab” campaign, huh?

The only “hate-crime” that happened here is an old fashioned nothing-to-do-with-Islam ‘honor killing’:

New records suggest that Shaima Alawadi’s murder was not a hate crime.  She was planning a divorce from her husband and move to Texas: 

Iraqi Mother’s Murder Was Not a Hate Crime – She Wanted a Divorce! (GWP)

9 thoughts on “Shaima Alawadi wanted a divorce, that's why she was murdered – by her own family!”

  1. this daughter is one of the worst actors i have ever seen, convincing i think not . no tears just a load of pigshit dribbling out of her lying mouth. her father is guilty as sin.

  2. mad – aussie
    So how many Muslim women have YOU murdered??? Why is that bloody tire iron in the corner??? Do you really think all Muslims are animals??? No tears – do you have X-ray vision??? You must hold a lot of sexual frustration for Muslim women – were you repeatedly turned down by Muslim women???? Why such vile hatred???

  3. @CN

    Was that meant to be a witty rebuttal? Sorry, but you failed miserably.

    You will find only truth here and as you clearly are unable to handle the truth, your efforts are both common and are found lacking.

  4. CN,
    The person who has expressed the vile hatred is you – thank you for confirming again that the muslim umma and its supporters really are not worth very much at all. One of yours was murdered because she wanted to leave her muslim husband, and it seems very likely that he may have murdered her or had some thing to do with her death – this issue is open – and all you can do is accuse non-muslims of being racist!!!

  5. Murder of Shaima al-Alawadi, touted as an “Islamophobic hate crime,” now revealed as likely honor killing

    Will hate-filled clowns like Reza Aslan and Justin Raimondo, and a thousand Islamic supremacists who wrote me on Twitter about this killing, now apologize for trying to frame me and Pamela Geller for this murder? Let’s just say I won’t be holding my breath. Their Goebbels-like Big Lie and manifest dishonesty, however, is clear for all the world to see.

    CAIR whipped the credulous into a frenzy when it thought this
    California woman’s murder was an example of “Islamophobia”.
    After realizing that she is simply another victim of a Muslim honor
    killing, the organization has dropped her cause like a hot potato.

    Oops: Islamic supremacist activist whines about “Islamophobia” using Alawadi case, just as it was revealed not to have been a hate crime

    The murder of Shaima Alawadi was a likely honor killing, not a hate crime — unfortunately for Linda Sarsour, who doubtless penned this shameless orgy of Muslim victimhood and deflection from the reality of jihad terror before that news broke. And CNN, just as shameless, doesn’t take this farrago down now that the truth has come out.

    Be sure to register for our Jessica Mokdad Human Rights Conference on honor killings on April 29th in Dearborn, Michigan. Register here.

    “My Take: My hijab is my hoodie,” by Linda Sarsour, national advocacy director of the National Network for Arab American Communities and director of the Arab American Association of New York, for CNN, April 5

    Mainstream media finally notices honor killing
    CBS is running a story about honor killing, and Pamela Geller rightly asks: What took them so long?

    Stay ahead of the mainstream media, which is increasingly just an Orwellian propaganda arm for the regime anyway. Be sure you register for our Jessica Mokdad Human Rights Conference on honor killings on April 29th in Dearborn, Michigan. Register here.

    From Atlas Shrugs:

  6. CN if you think that is a witty rebuttal, you just failed. If the authorities involved in the case are now investigating it as an honor killing instead of a hate crime, that is what it may be until the case is resolved we don’t know but it is not a hate crime unless that is what the investigators resolve it to be. I am sure an autopsy will be forthcoming and help resolve this

  7. @kaw – As Islam is not a race, therefore, it is impossible to be racist towards it. It is a religious choice. We have to push back on the use of the hyperbole associated with race & Islam. It is a tool to used for manipulation and silence.

  8. No further comment from CN? What’s the matter, cat got your tongue? Or is it simply that this IS most likely an honour killing by muslims and you’re forced to keep your stupid mouth shut?

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