Obama's Incurable Jewish Fan-club

Phyllis Chesler:

We are living at a time in history when the demonization of the Jews and of the Jewish state has become a fait accompli. The Big Lies have been internationalized and legalized; the poisonous propaganda has begun its real work as Jewish blood flows in the streets and the world’s heart remains indifferent or worse–joyous.

But, we are also living in an era of unending miracles.

Some conservative Jews  have maintained that the man who was able to secure 78 percent of the Jewish vote in 2008 is a “train wreck” and a “con man.”

But, despite allegations that he has lost favor among American Jews, a new poll from the Public Religion Research Institute seems to indicate that Obama is poised to, once again, capture the majority of this cohort come November.

So what about the phony Neturei Karta “rabbis?”

Neturei Karta looks back to the glorious history of the nation of “Palestine” (which, like the free food in Egypt, also only exists in the minds of the ignorant and the delusional). And the golden age of dhimmitude, when we Jews (and the Christians) were tolerated as second-class subjects.

May we all merit, on this Passover, to have the strength to free ourselves from the psychological and theological bondage that has invaded the minds of Neturei Karta and their ilk to the point that they stand alongside the sworn enemies of not just the State of Israel, but the Jewish people.


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