Afghanistan: another case of 'we will never know what the motive was…"

Afghan police kill two UK servicemen in Helmand province BBC (thanks to Pamela Geller)

The most disturbing and senseless quote in this terrible but recurring news report is, 

“We don’t yet know what the motive was.”

Really? Is it that they really don’t know by now or that they refuse to say?

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Why do they always bomb markets?

Jihadists bomb Afghan market teeming with shoppers

As Obama relentlessly pursues these barbarians for his “peace” partner, the “brave” Taliban strike at their most deadly foe: shoppers… … “At the time of the explosion, the market was busy and filled with shoppers”

Winning hearts and minds, the Islamic way.

Deadly blast hits Afghan market in Faryab province map BBC/Pamela Geller

A bomb explosion at a market in northern Afghanistan has killed nine people, police say.

An official from a provincial council was among the dead in the Ghormuch district of Faryab province.

A local doctor told the BBC at least 10 people had been injured.

Last month at least 10 people were killed in Faryab when a suicide bomber struck a meeting of officials in the provincial capital.

Attacks in northern Afghanistan are far less common than in the south and east and Faryab province is considered to be relatively peaceful.

The bomb was remotely detonated, police told Reuters news agency.

At the time of the explosion, the market was busy and filled with shoppers.