The Rugby League Ball is the Devil – Sheikh Feiz

Oz enrichment and diversity: 

Thanks to Mullah we have another hate-rant from Oz-Leb headbanger ‘sheik’ Fez Mohammed. Judging by his (non-existent standards) this sermon is mild.

The Rugby League Ball is the Devil!

Yeah, in a world where birds are mossad spies and jinn piss in the ears of the believers reality is manufactured as needed. Nothing to do with Islam, as always:

10 thoughts on “The Rugby League Ball is the Devil – Sheikh Feiz”

  1. Another proof of how the media takes things out of context. He was speaking about not wasting time in thingg such NRL,AFL etc, as we Muslims believe that our time on earth is limmitted and therefore we use it in a way that will benfit us in the hereafter. Good on you sheikh.

  2. The media always seem to exaggerate whatever Sheikh Feiz says they translate it to what makes them happy and don’t take the time to understand it the way the Sheikh is saying it.. The media are just sitting there waiting to catch any word said by Sheikh Feiz so they can go and make a scene of him and try to get people to go against it.. So that they know that Sheikh Feiz is Pious Man and all his Words make perfect sense to the people of understand but they will never make sense to the Media that are filled with so much hate towards the Sheikh and want everyone else to join in there hate.. So they know that if they (media) and the whole world were to gather against Sheikh Feiz they will never be able to harm him or effect him or do anything to him because Allah is on the true believers side and Allah will never let any harm come to his worshippers..

  3. @Diana,
    “will never let any harm come to his worshippers.”

    Why does Allah allow through his will for Muslims to kill each other?

  4. Diana,
    How stupid are you? The man is a thug and a potential terrorist – and your stupidity and eagerness to defend this sack of islamic tripe suggest that you too are unable to comprehend that you do not support thugs. As for allah (or what evil demon you fools worship) protecting this thug – I doubt it – keep pushing and you people will find that out.

  5. Sillyman:-
    “believe that our time on earth is limmitted and therefore we use it in a way that will benfit us in the hereafter” so you waste your time with such a dangerous & incomprehensible ‘religion’?

    And following this fake religion will be of no benefit in the hereafter unless you’re in to being eternally cooked at allah’s BBQ.

    Your choice, mate…

  6. The guy was referring to time wasting that is carried out on behalf of the youth by watching and playing games rather than worshipping god and being ready for his meeting , NRL isnt life rather it is a leisure

  7. Raed,
    You are not very intelligent – of coourse NRL is not life, but there is a reason why it is important. I will leave you to try and work it out. BTW life is also not about worshipping god (in what ever form) in the way that you imply – we do not need you not want here – go back to your sewer hole.

  8. repatriate all these people & their families back to thier country of origin

    regardless if they were “oz grown” they are unhappy living here, send them back

    multicultarialism does not work, wake up

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