Australia: The Boats Keep Coming…

160 Afghan Asylum  Welfare Seekers Launch Hunger Strike in Indonesian Detention Center


There is lawfare going on!

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Indonesia is  a Muslim country. According to Islamic law, no Muslim brother can refuse  asylum to another Muslim. Any idea why they insist on coming to Australia?

May 04, 2012

Tanjungpinang. As many as 160 Afghan asylum seekers soldiers of allah detained in the Indonesian city of Tanjungpinang have been holding a hunger strike for over two weeks in protest of their prolonged detention. The detainees are demanding they be released to Australia.

More muslim mayhem at Jakarta Globe via Mullah
George Negus will help educate ignorant Australians on Islamic cultural enrichers, tackle media stereotypes.


Tim Blair insists: BEST IDEA EVER

Step forward, lefties, and give these kids a home!

The rush is on:

More than 500 families have applied to host asylum seekers after The Daily Telegraph revealed that Australians are being asked to help ease the strain on detention centres.

As the number of inquiries looked set to top 1000 by last night, the Australian Homestay Network – which normally finds hosts for international students – was inundated with calls yesterday.

Families that take two asylum seekers for a set period of six weeks will receive up to $300 tax-free a week.

A note of caution: remember the last time the government installed something in houses.

5 thoughts on “Australia: The Boats Keep Coming…”

  1. Wait to those 500 families start complaining about what happened when they ‘hosted’ the so called asylum seekers.

    Theft, violence, assault, etc., etc.

    Some times people have to learn the hard way.

  2. That’s right, Hill…so we’d better all prepare ourselves for massive cover-up stories

  3. @Rossco

    Some years ago, there was a similar story in the London Sunday Times. The Bleeding hearts opened their home to foster two Afghani boys who were in the UK without parents.

    They ‘boys’ claimed to be teenagers whilst actually being in their early 20’s.
    One stole from the family and the other boy tried to seduce the 13/14 year old daughter of the foster parents.

    Cover up stories that will sound like, Oh, it was just one bad apple. No one else has complained. SMH. Hide your valuables and lock up your daughters should be the real disclaimer.

  4. Muslims and the media:
    I went to a meeting about this topic a year or so ago. All complained bitterly of bias and said they needed more Muslims in the media to present Islam in a more positive light.
    Of course, the NEWS is all negative, but the ARTICLES are all positive – ALREADY.
    So let’s work on the news, still lagging behind in positive vibes.
    I suggest two approaches might be brainstormed this weekend.
    One, seeing all Muslim horror as acts of piety and good for Islam, as in “In Islamabad, 17 people were killed today by a suicide bomber, who also died at the scene. The young man responsible had been taught at the One True Religion Madrassa, whose imam, Mohammed Mohammed, immediately praised him for his work, quoting Koran Sura Whatever and saying,’The people in that part of town are infidels and deserved to die! Seventeen is a good number for a first try. Praise be to Allah!’ And indeed, the kind of diversity those dead Ahmadiyyas represented is the diversity only base hypocrites can offer! Well done, young man!”
    Or another approach: “Seventeeen were killed in Islamabad by a suicide bomber this morning. No others were wounded, which is fantastic news for the hospital, already understaffed. It is believed most of the victims were old anyway, and the suicide bomber was only a woman, who apparently had a bad reputation but now is cleansed of her sin! This is excellent news , and thanks must be given to the police who acted swiftly and resposibly to arrange the clean-up. ”
    What do you like, “young Muslims”? Positive spin 1 or positive spin 2?

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