Sharia for Kidz

From the local Bankstown Express paper, thanks to James:

A junior shariah course for boys and girls aged from 5 to 12 is on Saturdays at 69 Croydon St Lakemba

Subjects include reading memorizing and stories from the Koran. The class is from 9.30am to 12.30pm .Monday and Thursday classes are coming soon.To register or for more details phone sydney islamic college on 9707-4577

Other peace offerings from the ROP:

Mosque Wars:

Yuman Rites Violated:

Good Dhimmies:

Texas Textbook Whitewash (CBN)

Factual and historical accuracy goes out the window, as educators engage in a monumental campaign to protect American students from the truth about Islam.

One thought on “Sharia for Kidz”

  1. Sharia law courses for boys and girls at Daar Aisha college.
    Yes, separate courses for boys and girls.

    Yes, learn the proper way to cut off hands and feet and beat your wife.
    Learn how women are the property of a man and are worth only half a man.
    Learn how to hate the kafir and the proper way to slit a throat.

    Note, the course is full.

    Available at both Lakemba and Auburn.



    Q. Does the government fund these colleges?
    Q. Is Nicola Roxon going to act given she has stated there is no place for Sharia law?

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