Australia's Judiciary Submits to Islam

“You slut, how dare you take my wife to the beach.”

Pamela Geller:

Muslim man “first” in Australia granted judge-only trial because of his Islamic beliefs

Here again we see, anywhere Islamic law and Western law conflict, it is always Western law that has to give way. We see this time and time again, imposing Islam on the public square, the secular marketplace, the courts of law, the school, the workplace. Stop the islamization of nations.

ISMAIL Belghar is believed to be the first Muslim in Australia to be granted a judge-only trial on the grounds that a jury may be biased because of his religious beliefs.

High cheekbones and other protected species:

The US, which has a constitional right to free speech, has a debate of the kind that we can’t have in Australia under our oppressive laws.  (No Comment)

Quick! Lets give Indonesia another billion or two for mosques and madrassas!

Banda Aceh. The Aceh administration has shut down at least 16 Christian places of worship since May 2, alleging they were being run without permits and had been drawing complaints from locals.  (Jakarta Globe)


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