Mohammed Merah Revisited

Thanks to Rita for the translation and for sending this in:

On the 6th May, many TV viewers were surprised by that there were Palestinian flags floating on the Place de la Bastille:

What do the militants that are present think about it?

yes, why there are so many Palestinian flags…because we are globally in agreement that what is happening is not good: Israel doesn’t respect the boarders of 47

We react to the terrorist politics of Israel, and that is normal. Voila.

They (Israel) persecute the little Palestinians, like when they go to the mosques or schools they throw stones at them

…you can see that on U-tube, there are videos

Its Jerusalem against Palestine, isn’t it?

It’s the Jews against the Muslims, is that it?

I am for those who are in the ghetto, they are forced to dig tunnels to get basic food, frankly that’s inhuman

There are many Jews here, and they are just not like the others

….well they are racist, they kill little children…voila

The Jews have stolen a country (State)

A state for a religion is not legal for starters. A state that is based on a religion is already racist at the base.

(woman) : Presenting Israel as victim is a great lie, a great lie

The Jews, in their religion don’t have the right to a state.


“Jews, do they have a right to a state (their own country)?”

No!, Not according to their own religion, they only have to read their own books.

incomprehensible….France and all occidental states have collaborated with Hitler


..the explosions were commandeered by Israel to besmirch Islam, that’s without doubt it, in fact that’s sure…..because it’s rare…the persons who want to explode themselves as martyrs

We’ll go to Israel to throw them out, kicking them out with our boots (black man simulates holding a pistol to his head) yes, kicking them out with our boots, or with any weapon .. If kicking them is not sufficient, we will go there with our weapons


“And what’s your name?”

“me?…Mohamed Merah.” 



 was Catholic

Corporal Abel Chennouf was French of Kabyle and Alsatian descent, born in Martigues (south of France) 1986 and moved with his family to Illzach (a town near Mulhouse, Alsace) in 1987. And he was a Catholic.

There is also another “part of the story that has received too little attention”: Loïc Liber, the third paratrooper shot in the throat and the spine by Mohamed Merah in Montauban is originally from the Guadeloupe islands… And a Catholic too.

So there appears to have only been one Muslim who was killed by Merah, two Catholics and a number of Jews.

Thanks to Sultan Knish for setting the record straight!

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  1. The irony!

    As the French and English are being force fed halal meat, and sharia law is quickly becoming an acceptable alternative to the law of the land, these fairies are upset about the Hebrews having retaken their land back…

    I don’t believe that the French or the English will be so fortunate if they allow this to continue!

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