"Don't you feel the need for Islam?"

How to get recalcitrant infidels to convert to Islam:

Tariq Ramadan:

Obama Neuters War on Islamic Terrorists (CFP)

“If your enemy has successfully determined the limits of what you can say about him, he is already winning.”–TROP


Sensitivity training for all taxi inspectors after one of them says of Muslims that “a lot of them blow up places”

Just because one guy said a boneheaded thing, the entire corps of city inspectors has to go to reeducation camp. “Taxi inspector’s comment about Muslims leads to diversity training recommendation,” by Brian Wilson for The Tennessean, May 24  (JW)

The same inspector told investigators that “a lot of them blew up places,” an unfounded allegation for which no evidence was offered….

Sharia Means Peace, Love and Big Hugs (Michael Coren)

(Video) The US military adopts a training program that sounds more like Islamic propaganda. (GOV)