Not "Islamism', Tommy: Islam, Just Islam!

Snatched from Vlad, thanks mate!

Is Islam synonymous with Terrorism? Tommy… by EDLrelated

The Muzztards wear their  taqiyya thicker than the whores of Paris:

without any reason whatsoever George W. Bush attacked innocent Muslims, Tony BLiar…. blah blah, western policies against Muslims, and so on and so on.

Nothing to do with Islam, lets talk about Breivik, George Bush, Muslims are the biggest victims of……(they always are) Then, as if 4 mustards are not enough against one, they get another unhinged muselputz shouting jihad prop on the phone: “Jews are dogs… blah blah”-  Western powers are irrational,  why is Islam targeted, (nudge nudge, wink wink) a terrorist is a terrorist, geopolitical…. muslims victims of conflicts….. we need psychiatrists, bombs dropped on their house,  irrational actions, certain political situations… terrorists who happen to be muslims….. (dumber and dumber, ignorance chasing stupidity) what a waste….

Muslims are civilised, main cause of terror  because of foreign policy, only one interpretation of Islam, war on terror should be against people who take food from innocent Africans…. etc etc…..

Grooming is a lie, not happening at all, because  of alcohol and fornication it happens, so we need to ban alcohol and fornication….

Bless Tommy for his patience.  He  puts up with these lunatics like many of us could not.


6 thoughts on “Not "Islamism', Tommy: Islam, Just Islam!”

  1. ALLAH & his terrorist organization Islam 3:151, 59:2, 8:12, 8:59/60

    61:9 “…that He (Muhammad) may make it conqueror of all religion however much idolaters may be averse” + 48:28 “…to proclaim it over all religion” + 9:33 “…prevail over ALL religions” (9:32 Allah won’t allow Jews & Christians to spread their false believes through preaching) 8:39 + 2:193 “…and religion should be only for Allah” + 3:189 “And Allah’s is the kingdom of the heavens and the earth….”

  2. Britain rolls over and carks it completely … (Kirklees sensitivity police)

    Mirfield Reporter (Mirth-filled Regurgitator?)

    Culture class for frontline police teams

    IT’S back to school for hundreds of Kirklees bobbies as they take a lesson in Islamic culture.

    Around 300 frontline officers will take part in ‘myth-busting’ training designed to help them better understand the Muslim communities they serve. […]

    “The whole training package has been designed to be responsive to the job roles of police. If they’re visiting a Muslim house, officers will know that their shoes need to be taken off the moment they go through the door,” he said.

  3. Shame that the ‘western’ side of the discussion were unable to answer the challenge “when does islam allow sex outside of marriage” – answer: when the female is a kufir slave.
    (Those of your right hand.)

    But they did get in the terminology problem.

  4. Tommy only needs to quote from The Reliance of the Traveler.

    Gave over for the filthy koranimals.

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