Progress in Egypt

As long as we pay the  jiziya with willing submission everything will be okay, right?

Poll: Nearly two-thirds of Egyptians want Sharia, end of peace with Israel

I tried to tell you — back in January 2011. “Egyptians Want to Ditch Peace Treaty With Israel, Poll Shows,” by Patrick Goodenough for CNS News, May 14

Musel Bro’s Offer Free Clit Cutting to “Promote Chastity”  —(ZIP)

Its all about  the ‘freedom to practice their religion”- which has nothing to do with Islam:

Egypt’s Brotherhood mobile FGM convoys condemned by women’s group

Kidnapping is un-Islamic, right?

Egypt’s ON TV receives kidnap threats from Jihadist Group

“Preventing the Zionist Agenda”

“The Jihadist Group to Cleanse the Country” threatens they would kidnap some of the news presenters and inflict harm on companies that advertise with channel, if the channel “does not change its media policies.”

Comedians do it tough