Tarek Fatah on Occupy: “rich kids acting as if they are the Che Guevaras of America.”

The Obama sponsored “Occupy” racket is getting out of hand:

2 links from Pamela Geller:

Tarek Fatah:

These leftists champion anti-black racism while supporting Islamists who are the most racist of all. He noted that by nomenclature in Arab countries blacks are typically referred to as “slaves” to this day. Yet this is who the left is defending?  ”They should be ashamed,” he slammed.

The Muslim Brotherhood Would Slit My Throat & Not Bat an Eye: Watch Beck Interview Anti-Islamist Muslim Leftist

Brother Tarek is still not honest about Islam: he is still trying to protect Islam by using figleaves like “radical and Islamofascism”- but in reality its plain Islam, no more, no less….

2 thoughts on “Tarek Fatah on Occupy: “rich kids acting as if they are the Che Guevaras of America.””

  1. Kinda bullshit that he referred to the LIBERAL Party of Qannadda as the “Democrats”. He crudely dodged the fact that he ran for the NDP, which are further Left of the Lefty Lieberal Party. But he’s still a Muzzle’Em, they like to use the old “taqiyya” on us kuffars. Not to be trusted, really.

  2. He openly says that he’s a Marxist, and his hilarious performance “Aisha was older than six” will be with us forever.

    Brother Tarek also likes to play the race card, whichever suits ….

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