Syed Soharwardy's Tasty Interfaith Samosas

Tasty interfaith samosas offered for potential ‘reverts’


Update on the apes & swine madrassa in Toronto:

Its no longer damage control, now they’re circling the wagons:

Sayyid Muhammad Rizvi Toronto Hate Madrassah Mullah Condemns Government “Enemies Of Islam” For Hate Crime Investigation

In the video below Sayyid Muhammad Rizvi the Mullah responsible for the East End Madrassah Jew Hate scandal, switches to Urdu at the end, this is a paraphrase of his remarks to his congregation. We are working on a more accurate translation.

“He starts off first by condemning the government’s action against the madrassa  saying that the enemies of islam are responsible for this action….

Spreading Rumours and False Information; East End Madressah – Maulana Syed Muhammad Rizvi

In Islam-speak slander is what Koranimals don’t like to hear, thus truth becomes incitement: exposing good old fashioned Zionhass  in the mosques makes you an enemy of Islam, and you know what happens to them:

Nothing is what it is: when caught in the act, muselmaniacs scream like seared pigs and lie, lie and deny. It’s the pattern  we’ve come to expect from the “Muslim community.”

Sayyid Muhammad Rizvi is a moderate who believes very much in ” interfaith outreach”. Do note that Rizvi’s “moderation” & “outreach” includes death to apostates and marriage for 9 year old Girls.  Let’s not forget the money Rizvi’s organization has donated to a fellow  Jew Hate charity.

There is more, much more:

Maulana Sayyid Muhammad Rizvi: The Sargent Schultz Of Shia