The Birthers Were Right!

Arizona elections chief asks Hawaii for proof of Obama’s citizenship UPDATE: Obama penned “Born in Kenya” bio, revised in 2007, 2 months after he declared for Presidential race

Pamela Geller

This is going to get interesting.

As far back as June 2008, there were inconsistencies and alterations to the COLB copy (certification of live birth) that Obama posted on his laughably entitled “fight the smears” website. There were legitimate questions. Atlas coverage going back to the summer of 2008 here.  But almost immediately, anyone who raised the issue was gobsmacked, derided, and discredited as a conspiracist, a birther. “Birther” being a knock off of the lunatic “truther” — those anti-America nuts who claim that 911 was an inside job.

But there were many questions about Obama’s background and the circumstances surrounding his birth, his background, his polygamous father(more on BHO Senior’s immigration file here) and his mother’s peculiar circumstances.

His altered COLB raised serious questions. Digital forensic evidence was produced, peer review welcomed (of which there was none). Instead, the issue became a tool in which to bash the right. And the right played right into it. I made more enemies on the right for raising this issue than I can recount, an animus that continues to this very day. (Read it all)

3 thoughts on “The Birthers Were Right!”

  1. Obama is indeed foreign-born. He is an illegal alien and everything that he has done as president – and I do mean everything – should be declared invalid. If the US still operated under the rule of law, it would be.

    1. Even if he was born in Hawaii he is not eligible to be president because ‘natural born’ means he must have two American parents. That said, he should be disbarred from holding public office for being a rabid Marxist Muslim who preaches sedition and works openly to replace the constitution with a totalitarian system.

  2. Folks,
    the monkey (an apology to monkies for making the comparison) is just a front man – find out who is pushing him through. and funding him ….. expose them and then shut them down.

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