Turks on Armenian Genocide: "we know what happens in wars…"

The Turks are full of shiite

Like terrorism, genocide is not in the Islamic dictionary. Like  the ‘events’ of 9/11, “a tragedy  unfolded.” This is yet another shameless attempt to whitewash the Greek and Armenian genocide and to deny any responsibility for the unspeakable atrocities committed on  defenceless victims of jihad.

To eliminate the threat of Armenians allying with the Russians, the government decided to transfer the Armenian population to other parts of the empire.

They “transferred them” to where no one ever came back.

“It was a time of war. And we know what happens in wars,” says Melih Aktas from Gazi University in Ankara. “… I think it would be wrong to judge these events as harsh or inhumane without a full knowledge of all the surrounding circumstances and the way war developed.”

More non-judgemental events from al Jizz

Hugh Fitzgerald offers context:

One needs to know what prompted such behavior, by Kurds, by Turks, by Arabs. Why did the Kurds (and Turks) in 1894-96 do what they did? For that matter, why did the massacres of the Maronites in Damascus in 1860, when it was under Ottoman rule? What prompted the Turks to massacre Armenians, especially priests and their wives, with such glee, and also to kill 300,000 Greeks in Smyrna while Western warships rocked on the waves just offshore? What prompted the Arab marauders who saw the Armenian women and girls as fair game, as loot to be seized, just like the Janjaweed do today with the non-Arab, and therefore inferior, black African Muslims of Darfur?

Islam. Islam. Islam.

Christian men can be killed, and their women, and their property, taken, once they have lost their status as “protected people.” And it is very easy to lose that status. It could be wartime panic, as some suggest. It could be peacetime planning to get rid of a pesky Christian presence. It could be because there is that line of refugees, and they are Christians, and we are Muslims, and their men are gone, and no can stop us or even see us, so what more do we need by way of justification?

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This will never happen, but it is good to see someone piercing through the Islamic supremacist fog of denial and evasion of responsibility. “Zagib [sic] Zarakolu: Turkey must accept the historic truth,” by Karen Ghazaryan for Public Radio of Armenia, May 29 (thanks to JW):

Turkish writer and publisher Ragib Zarakolu again criticized the Turkish policy of denial, as he received the Armenian Presidential Prize today.“My generation knew what happened and tried to conceal it. However, the younger generation had to believe this lie under certain conditions, which is even worse. Koran says ‘Give up telling lies first and always speak the truth,’” the Turkish publisher said. According to him, Turkey has gone blind and deaf.

“My country has turned into a cemetery of the dumb,” the Turkish intellectual stated. Zarakolu added that as the 100th anniversary of the Armenian genocide approaches, Turkey must come to understand that recognizing and apologizing fro it has become a precondition for establishment of democratic society in the country.

“Turkey must accept the historic truth. This is the only way for Turkey to restore the trust in itself. Recognition, apology and reimbursement – these will never bring back what has been lost,” he noted.

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  1. So, can Aktas explain in what context of the war, would be the causation that would have ‘forced’ the Turks to deliberately fire upon the defenseless progeny of Byzantine Greeks as they were bordering boats to permanently leave their homes in Turkey for Greece?

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