Abbott heard saying something

Here in Australia one could get the impression that we don’t have any opposition to  the governing watermelons.

All the more surprising that the ‘unpopular’ opposition leader is reported  taking a position:

‘’Good on Gina for being prepared to invest in journalism at a difficult time,’’ Mr Abbott said. ‘’It’s not a bad thing – it’s a good thing.’’

THE Age is close to death, and Victoria will get a shock to its culture. One that could prove dangerous.

The paper has long been the country’s most Left-wing daily newspaper, the Bible of the global warming class, without a single conservative columnist on its staff.

That, and the relative strength of the ABC here, has calcified the group-think of the teacher-preacher class, helping to make Victoria federal Labor’s strongest mainland state.  As the Age dies, a government media empire grows  (Bolt)

3 thoughts on “Abbott heard saying something”

  1. Go Gina…Go Gina….Go (jumping up and down with excited waving of colourful pom-poms)

  2. A good news story. I wouldn’t even use The Age if we ran out of toilet paper.

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