Australia issues visas for hostile detainees

Wouldn’t surprise me if they were all ‘hostile’. Its their religion.

The Telegraph calls it an “Asylum Seeker Crisis”– funny that. I thought these people came to enrich our multicultural environment with ‘interfaith dialogue’ and sensitivity training:

FAILED asylum seekers who have been abusive and threatened to destroy property in detention are being released on bridging visas while they appeal to stay permanently.

It comes as the government has revealed it cost $185,000 to fly asylum seekers from Cocos Island to Christmas Island this month after four boats arrived direct from Sri Lanka.One 30-year-old who was taken to Silverwater jail after the Villawood Detention Centre riot in April last year has been granted a visa.

He was later cleared by police over the riots but an Ombudsman’s report noted the man was involved in “two incidents of aggressive or abusive behaviour including threats to destroy property.”

Release is being considered for another 30-year-old long-term detainee who has been involved in several fights, escaped detention and who has been abusive to staff.

In other news:

 Gillards unsolicited advice to world leaders to follow “the Australian way” is embarrassing: