I guess they just didn't have that 'American Experience' yet….

Amanullah rubs it:

Wilders sells hate abroad as Europe recoils from Breivik— no Muselmaniac would ever sell ‘hate’, right?  Zahed Amanullah is a scribbler  for the National & the Grunard and tries his best to smear Geert Wilders:

Mr Wilders is free to say what he likes …. yadda yadda… But the irony is that he is courting America with a book irrelevant to the American experience.

All-American Muslim, last year’s reality TV show set in Dearborn, featured middle-class Muslims intermarrying, having babies, throwing parties and obsessing over American football and country music. Mainstream Muslim Americans by and large accepted it as accurate. It certainly didn’t fit Mr Wilders’s vision of the parallel society he sees being established in Europe.

Fortunately for all of us, the ‘All-American Muslim’ schlockery was quickly pulled. But don’t wait for Amanullah to tell you that. He makes it sound as if it was the greatest success story since the invention of the electric lightbulb.

Back to reality and how that ‘intermarrying’ works out in the real world:


Muslim mob hacks non-Muslim to death for marrying Muslim girl

Islamic law forbids non-Muslim men to marry Muslim women. See now benign and compatible with Western values Sharia is? “Man murdered for marrying Muslim girl,” from PTI, June 16 (thanks to JW):

A 24-year old man was hacked to death allegedly by the brother of a Muslim girl and his associates for marrying her, triggering tension in Idalakudi area of the district, police said.Ramesh, a goods carrier operator based here, had married the girl belonging to Idalakudi some months ago though her family had opposed it, they said.

On June 14, two persons had stopped Ramesh’s vehicle and taken him to Idalakudi where a seven-member gang including the brother of his wife attacked him with iron rods, police said, adding he succumbed to injuries at a hospital yesterday….

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  1. This sort of hate is happening all over the West where people are being butchered for not subscribing to that wretched religion. Imagine if this was a Christian problem? Imagine the outcry in the media, the endless demonising on propaganda channels like the ABC or BBC.

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