Egypt: Muslim Brotherhood has agreed that Sharia will be the main source of legislation


Remember when CNN reported  “The Muslim Brotherhood is not seeking power?”

It wasn’t that long ago:

Well, that was last year. How things have changed!

Sharia Uber Alles!

Egyptian Salafi leader: Muslim Brotherhood has agreed that Sharia will be the main source of legislation

Mrs Clitman is easy to please:

HELSINKI (AP) — U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton says the Obama administration is pleased so far with commitments made by Egypt’s Islamist president-elect, Mohammed Morsi, but will reserve judgment on his government until it is up and running.

Promoting a moderate Muslim Brotherhood is like promoting “capitalistic communism” to defeat Russia during the Cold War, or even a “pro-Jew Nazism” during World War II. A more current and real-life example is “Chrislam.”

In the West, we get these smooth lies from deceptive Islamic supremacists:

“There’s really no such thing as just Sharia, it’s not one monolithic Continuum – Sharia is understood in thousands of different ways over the 1,500 years in which multiple and competing schools of law have tried to construct some kind of civic penal and family law code that would abide by Islamic values and principles, it’s understood in many different ways…” – Reza Aslan

But in Egypt and other Muslim countries, everyone seems to know exactly what Sharia is and what it involves: stonings, amputations, the death penalty for apostasy, the subjugation of women, the oppression of non-Muslims, etc. That’s why Yasser Borhamy addresses fears of Sharia coming to Egypt not by saying “We’re going to implement a benign, expansive, human-rights-respecting brand of Sharia” but by telling people that they shouldn’t fear Sharia, because it is the law of Allah. He takes for granted that his audience knows exactly what Sharia is, and that he is referring to the same thing that they have in mind.

So is Boy Reza lying, or is he just stupid? The jury is still out.

“Salafi leader: Brotherhood agrees Sharia, not principles, will be source of legislation,” from Egypt Independent, June 30

Are you concerned about the Muslim Brotherhood’s Mohammed Morsy winning Egypt’s elections? Should you be? Well, if you’re an Israeli, most of us think the answer is “yes.” And if you’re not an Israeli? Cal Thomas believes that you should be concerned too.  Read the whole thing.

Prominent Salafi leader and preacher Yasser Borhamy has said that the Muslim Brotherhood has agreed with the Salafi vision to have a constitution that cites Sharia as the main source for the legislation, rather than the principles of Sharia.

Article II of 1971 Constitution, which is copied into the current Constitutional Declaration, reads “Islam is the religion of the state. Arabic is its official language, and principles of Islamic jurisprudence (Sharia) are the main source of legislation.” A 1979 amendment had replaced “a main source” with “the main source.”

According to legal experts, deleting the word “principles“ means that Sharia will play a bigger role in drafting legislation.

In an interview with Al-Shorouk newspaper on Saturday, Borhamy said, “we insist that the article states that ‘Islamic Sharia law is the main source of legislation,’ not ‘the principles of Sharia.’

We will not give up on this matter. The Muslim Brotherhood assured us that they agree with us on the formula of Islamic Sharia law without [mentioning] ‘principles.’”

The Salafi preacher said, “What is disturbing in the Islamic Sharia law, is Sharia bothering anyone? We do not say ‘our views on Sharia,’ but we say that we want the Sharia law revealed by God. Would anyone be afraid of the Sharia that establishes justice, [public] interest and wisdom? This is very strange. How is it said that people are afraid of Sharia?”…

According to Borhamy, “this word, ‘principles,’ was for the purpose of repealing the article all together. Someone said one day that it’s a dictatorial article. It was so in the former regime, something that we do not accept and that we consider a betrayal of Sharia and the will of the nation. What brought the Brotherhood and the Nour Party to the majority in the parliamentary and the presidential [elections] is that they seek the application of Sharia.”

From Carl in J’lem:

The Muslim Brotherhood knows how Westerners think. It is playing us for fools. If we believe what has happened in Egypt and the upheavals in the rest of the Mideast will lead to democracy, human rights, equal rights for women and religious minorities, and freedom of speech and press, then we are fools.

Read the whole thing.

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