Every Mosque is a Claim for Territory

Finland’s Iranian Mega-Mosque

The Helsinki mosque has been paid for by the Islamic Republic of Iran; critics say that theocrats in Tehran intend to use the mosque to establish a recruiting center for the militant Shia Muslim group Hezbollah in Europe.

Mosque Construction Stopped

“…they’re aiming at the Bible belt.”  (Things are getting interesting…)

Judge halts construction of Murfreesboro monster mosque – Atlas …

NASHVILLE, Tenn. — A judge in Tennessee ruled Tuesday that the public wasn’t properly notified about a meeting where local officials approved the plan for a proposed mosque, meaning construction of the disputed project will be stopped.

Toronto: Missionary Bandit Calls Infidels to Submit to Muhammad

Via Mullah and BCF


2 thoughts on “Every Mosque is a Claim for Territory”

  1. Anti-slavery activist charged for burning islamic “religious” texts that promote slavery (courtesy of the “vioce of islam” in europe – the disgustingly left wing bbc).


    Whle most muslims are reprehensible moral cowards, there are a few of outstanding moral courage – the person desribed in this news may well be one of these – and these pepole deserve our support. As for the rest – good riddance to bad rubbish.

  2. If one imports insane people one shouldnt be surprised if they act out their insanity. You cant expect any other outcome.

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