Muselmaniac misunderstands " beat them lightly" and beats the crap out of his tilt….

Apologists for Islam keep telling us that the verse Qur’an 4:34  is misinterpreted, misunderstood or somehow abused by greasy Islamophobes to give Islam a bad rap. The reality is quite different, as you can see here.

Note how the camera man laughs while that lady gets her head stomped on. If violence affects you, don’t watch this vid from the Religion of Peace:

7 thoughts on “Muselmaniac misunderstands " beat them lightly" and beats the crap out of his tilt….”

  1. This posting is misleading. The word in the Quran that has been translated to say beat is ‘daraba’ it actually means to tap or can also mean to go away from. Those Muslims who beat their wives are committing a crime against Sharia law. At least have the respect for yourself to post true points about Islam that you don’t like. Who is going to believe someone who isn’t reliable? No different to losing faith in politicians.

    1. Is there ever, just once, a word that’s not ‘misinterpreted’, misunderstood or ‘out of context?’

      The Koran says “beat them”, and that’s what muselmaniacs do around the world. And you are telling us we got it all wrong?

      Why don’t you tell them?

  2. A Brown,
    what is written is not important – how it is interpreted is. Your argument is specious and hollow at best – muslims use the quran to justify physical abuse of wives and others. Incidentally several here speak fluent arabic – it is useful to understand the filth that passes for your language in order to understand you better. You are, after all, an enemy of civilisation, The word can be interpreted as “beat” – now go convince your fellow arse-lifters that your interpretation is correct and stop wasting time here.

  3. As R Spencer reminds us, Islam is the most misunderstood religion in the world. Its misunderstood mainly by Muslims – Imams, mullahs, and so-called scholars at Al azhar or whatever. What chance do ordinary Muslims have?

  4. Ah, the religion of peace, what a beautiful thing. The pathetic man got his annoying song interrupted so he beats up a defenseless woman. The prophet Mohammed in action – piss be upon him.

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