Sweden, Land of Sitzpinklers?

A soldier of allah explains the obsession with muselmanic toilet habits.  Allah concerns himself with your hygiene to the point he will torture you in your grave if you don’t take these matters seriously.

This is the kind of thing with which the brain-dead followers of   the meshugga profit obsess themselves.

It never occurs to these brainwashed obsessive-compulsive  moronic parasites that since the west is such a terrible unclean place they should not come here & those who are here should get back to the desert of their choice.

Thanks to BCF:

“Sitzpinkler” is a German word for someone who sits down while urinating.

Viggo Hansen is a lefty  heeding the will of allah here. Ever had a wife or girlfriend who kept telling you to put the toilet seat down after you’re done?

Swedish Politician Wants Men to Pee Sitting Down

A local Swedish politician wants to require all men to sit down whenever they use the toilets in a county council building, to keep them clean and promote good health, a counselor said Thursday.

Viggo Hansen, a member of the Left Party, submitted the proposal to the Soermland County Council in central Sweden earlier this week.

In Sweden, where daycare centers encourage little boys to “be a sweetie and take a seatie”, the issue is not being taken lightly.

In an interview with a local television channel, Hansen pointed out that according to some experts sitting down to urinate is not only more hygienic but also reduces the risk of prostate trouble.

His proposal also claims that relieving oneself while seated “contributes to a better and longer sex life.”

Critics suggest it may be difficult to enforce the rule, which the council has one year to study before reaching a decision, according to the head of the Left Party group, Maud Ekman.


9 thoughts on “Sweden, Land of Sitzpinklers?”

  1. Hi there, I can’t watch the video just yet
    (on my my mobile)..seriously, they are insane! I just
    can’t understand why these people have no vision of what the future holds while they
    sell their countries out? Obama, the Clinton’s
    (think a camel and hens) is another example along with Holder..they should be chased down the road with pitchforks as P Geller said!!

  2. This local Swedish politician who wants all men to sit to pee should really use common sense. A clear “common sense” notice that I read on a printed sheet stuck to the wall above a toilet in a restaurant in B.C. Canada read –

    This establishment aims to please.
    You aim, too – please!

    Nuff said… that would do it. LOL.

    1. Mullah, don’t remind me.

      The squatting!

      1968-69: stayed in Londonistan in a student hostel, where the Punjabees shat and pissed all over the place, most of the time they didn’t hit the pot!

  3. Re getting blokes (especially the little fellers, the under-fives, who are still perfecting the art) to aim straight.

    I recall one project that placed a little tile or sticker with an image on it, at exactly the right place in the pissoir or the toilet bowl, in order to encourage gentlemen to have a clear ‘target’ to aim for. Apparently it worked a treat, and the cleaners’ task became much easier from then on.

    During World War II, I can certainly imagine that images of Hitler, Himmler, Goering, Goebbels, and company, would have been very popular as ‘targets’, had anyone thought of it.

    Today, there are so many ugly mugs to choose from, from among the Enemy, that could be made into little stickers or tiles placed in the appropriate location, to function as ‘encouragements for better aim’ on the part of infidel gentlemen relieving bladder pressure: Ayman Al-Zawahiri, Hassan Nasrallah, Ismail Haniyeh, Abu Mazen, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Sheik Hookhand, assorted horrible scions of the Abominable House of Saud, various Ayatollahs, not to mention of course Westergaard’s classic turbanbomb image; and the list just goes on, and on, and on…

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