4 thoughts on “"The Law is on Our Side" Claims CAIR Operative in Muselsotastan”

  1. A friend of mine is from the UK. He grew up in a place in the north called Preston. He was recently back there. He asked his father…what happened to the big church in town? His father replied…it was knocked down and replaced by a mosque. It seems the colonisation is happening befofre the English peoples eyes…and nobody does anything about it.

  2. @Infidel,

    They did, and the prophet’s name was the late great Ray Honeyford.

    He was a headmaster in a school in Bradford, UK and was forced into early retirement because he did the most outrageous thing and stood up to Pakistani Muslims and told the Muzzies “No”. and insisted that their daughters would be treated like British Girls and learn how to swim, like everybody else. There is much more to the story, but that is up to you to find out on your own. He was a hero.

    In the end, the great Honeyford was drummed out of the school by the leftists and the Muslims.

    Some years later, Muslims being the savages that they are burnt down the school. The one thing you can always count on, is Muslims will always shoot themselves in the foot. Burning education centres or refusing polio. Darwinism at it’s finest.

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