Zimbabwe, Human Rights Champion of the World

Mass-murders, mass-expulsions and displacements of large numbers of Zimbabweans, expulsion of white farmers, a ruined economy and a devastated country that engaged in anti-white racism of the worst kind? Don’t ask, don’t tell. Overall lawlessness  and a despot who lives in splendour  thanks to the Chi-coms and a ruthless army makes Zimbabwe just like America, according to its ‘ambassador’ to the UN.

Vlad Tepes

Please read the U.N. Watch story on their own page here:

More on the UN:

3 thoughts on “Zimbabwe, Human Rights Champion of the World”

  1. Hillel Neuer is brilliant.

    We need more people like Neuer, he is completely fearless taking on the farcical UN.

    Navi Pillay is a shameful joke.

  2. yes…. ambassador hardface,you really caught him out there….!!this is obvious mugabephobia! the governmentof zimbabwe is only starving, beating ,and torturing fellow zimbabweans to death!
    the way this neuer person is talking ,one would think that you were dropping atomic bombs on them in order to kill them!!!! like those bloody americans did to the japanese…..!
    ha! ha! you see !these damn mugabephobes will say anything to make you look bad,but we are wise to their dastardly tricks

  3. @chimoio100

    I hope that was sarcasm in your post?

    The Americans did not kill the citizens of Japan, the Emperor Hirohito pawned his citizens in a game of chicken with the Americans, and lost. He and he is alone is responsible for their deaths, he had multiple opportunities to surrender, instead placed hubris and vanity before the care of his people.

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