Sri Lanka, Pamela Geller, Haaretz & Dead Jewish Children

Backlashphobia in Sri Lanka

OnIslam reports “extremist Buddhist provocations against Muslims in Sri Lanka”-   a number of Buddhist monks disrupted Muslim prayer services in the village of Dambulla. The attackers claimed that the mosque, built in 1962, was illegal.  “This charge is really unbelievable and shows how little they know about the religion of Islam,” Sheikh Rasmy explains. (All the unbelievers need is Islamic education, and hey, all the ‘ignorance’ will vanish in the ozone and will be replaced by the light of Islam….)

Haaretz calls  evil good and good evil, smears Pamela Geller

Leftist utopians and traitors demonizing those who are standing against the onslaught of oppression and dehumanization that Sharia represents, just as all other collectivist, authoritarian systems did in the past. Haaretz Shills for Islamic Supremacists, Smears Geller On Front Page

Jonah Lowenfeld  sings along:

More of the same from  wannabe hack reporter Jonah Lowenfeld  who surprises no one with his predictable hatchet job over at the Jewish Journal.  Lowenfeld’s silly piece is essentially a press release for Hamas-CAIR. That is hardly surprising. But Lowenfeld really went the extra mile. And while a hunchback can’t see his own hunch, any objective person who reads this will spot Lowenfeld’s naked bias.–Jewish Journal:  All Scream for Hamas

Criticising Islam is hatred and haters must be eliminated:

Muslim Council of Britain has calls for Amazon to ban  anything critical of Islam

Imposing Islam on Amazon. The Muslim Council of Britain has now called for Amazon to “take proper responsibility” for the content of the books on its site. lml. Banning books. There they go, channelling the Nazis again. The Muslim Council of Britain said:

‘Freedom of expression should not be unlimited, and publications that cause anti-Muslim hatred, anti-Jewish hatred or homophobic hatred should not be allowed.’

Anti Jewish hatred? No worries. Lets ban the Koran then. And the hadith. The whole lot of it!  Muslim Council of Britain calls for Amazon to ban quran…. 

Speaking of Jew-hatred:

Germany bans circumcision

How is this different from forcing the Catholic church to buy contraceptives for employees?  How does this differ from the inquisition? Why does the government of Germany find it necessary to suddenly dictate that Jews can no longer follow their traditions?

Germans have effectively barred Jews from the country. The Muslims will circumcise their children anyway (and girls will be mutilated), but the Jews will just move elsewhere.

 Norway, too: There are 700 Jews left in this Nazi state. I wonder if they will enforce this on their Muslim”immigrants” …

German judges rule parents can be brought to court for circumcising children —Times of Israel (hat tip Pamela Geller)

Murder of Jewish children called ‘road rage”

It’s believed the crash was either the result of road rage or just simply because the Odyssey’s driver wasn’t very good at driving.Yep. And jihadist soldier of allah Nidal Hasan who killed 13 of his fellow soldiers and wounded 40 others caused nothing but ‘workplace related violence’. We live in interesting times…!

Two children were killed and five others injured in a rollover crash Friday afternoon on southbound US-23 south of Michigan Avenue in Pittsfield Township.

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  1. They wont find the muzelputz who murdered the Jewish children – it will be hidden by its fellow criminals in the mosque.

    As regards Sri Lanka, the muslims have been causing problems for quite a while – for the Buddhists monks to react in the way they have shows that the muslims are, as usual, becoming violent and unreasonable. Same story as Myanmar.

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