Are the Klintoons Aiding & Abetting the Muslim Brotherhood in the U.S.?

The Klintoons involvement with the MuBro’s is a national security crisis waiting to happen.

Diana West:

The Clintons’ legacy is lying as an art, shamelessness as a virtue, treason as business as usual,and oral sex as a teenage commonplace.

Huma Abedin is the sister of Hassan Abedin, who, as reported at, “has collaborated with an al-Qaeda godfather Omar Naseef and Sheikh Yusuf al-Qaradawi, two of the most influential terror supporters in the world.”

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In Israel, Willary tells the Jews to submit:

Diana West, continued:

While my esteemed colleague Andy McCarthy analyzes the substance of Hillary Clinton’s address in Alexandria, Egypt here, I confess to remaining stuck on the description of the Egyptian crowd chanting, “Monica! Monica!” as Hill’s motorcade made its way through the city.

Must be the call of my wild old beat covering Impeachment Issues (“Monica! Monica!”) for the Washington Times editorial page years ago.

It’s hard to imagine any barb razor-sharp enough to penetrate the thick skin that allows the thoroughly disgraced Clinton couple to remain in the public X-ray eye, but if one such barb could break through their armor of brazenness, maybe it would be the utterly debasing story of Monica, Bill, and Hill, particularly as shouted by chorus of loutish misogynists on the literal Arab Street.

Of course, poor Monica was the most sensational but least significant aspect of Clintonian malfeasance and criminality, for which they have never been brought to book. Missile technology to China in exchange for campaign slush-cash? Ah, Johnny Chung and Chinagate. Fast-tracking hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens to the voter rolls? Ah, Citizenship USA. Nearly 1,000 raw FBI files on Republicans that made their way to Hillary’s hands? Ah, sands of time, sands of time. Lincoln Bedroom rentals, Vincent Foster, Whitewater, cattle futures, “put some ice on that,”…. Its’a all part of the Clintons’ enduring triumph over truth, their vanquishment of shame. The Clintons’ legacy is lying as an art, shamelessness as  a virtue, treason as business as usual, and oral sex as a teenage commonplace.

Such is the Clintonian subtext that the raucous Egyptian mob forced to the surface.

Wth that in mind, consider as a sidelight this piece in the New York Post:

“Anthony Weiner’s wife urges him to give tell-all interview.”

Anthony Weiner is … Anthony Weiner.

“Anthony Weiner”s wife” is Hillary Clinton’s longtime (since 1996) top aide, Huma Abedin.

Huma Abedin is the sister of Hassan Abedin, who, as reported at, “has collaborated with an al-Qaeda godfather Omar Naseef and Sheikh Yusuf al-Qaradawi, two of the most influential terror supporters in the world.”

Besides being Hillary Clinton’s top aide and Hassan Abedin’s sister, Huma Abedin is the daughter of Saleha Abedin.

Saleha Abedin belongs to the 63-member leadership of the Muslim Sisterhood, the female counterpart of the Muslim Brotherhood.

So, too, does Najla Ali Mahmoud, the wife of Mohammed Mursi, Egypt’s new Muslim Brotherhood president.

That makes Huma’s MB mom and Mrs. MB Morsi BFFs.

All of which should set off red alerts for jihad influence in the Secretary of State’s office because the Muslim Brotherhood, after all, is dedicated to “destroying the Western civilization from within.” That means us.  (See The Muslim Brotherhood in America: The Enemy Within ,  a free, ten-part course taught by Frank Gaffney — with an appearance by Your Truly — for much more information.)

But no. The media, the political class — with exceptions I can literally count on one hand (see below) — care not. What else is new?

Muslim Brotherhood aside, for a moment.

Huma, according to the Post, has been

pushing her husband to do a single interview — as Bubba did amid the Monica Lewinsky scandal — that would be the final word on the sexting mess that ended Weiner’s career in Congress last year….

Abedin believes Bill Clinton’s “60 Minutes’’ interview in 2004 and his memoir, “My Life,” helped rehabilitate his reputation after the world learned of his affair with Lewinsky….

Weiner has been struggling to find work outside of politics, two other sources told The Post.

“Nobody wants to hire Anthony; he can’t find a job,” said a political consultant who employs one of the ex-congressman’s former staffers who still speaks to him.

Another Democrat consultant said: “Huma’s panicked he can’t find a job. She’s quite angry because no one she thought would help him has helped him.”

Bill Clinton held onto his office, which was, after all, the presidency. Weiner resigned his office, which was, after all, a congressional seat.  Big differences right there.Weiner isn’t going anywhere. The again, through Huma, he does have friends in very high places….

What is quite striking is the thought of Hillary quite likely counseling Huma on her project of rehabbing her disgraced hubby — as in it takes one to know one. There’s a “sisterhood” for you. But how is trusted- aide-with-high- security-clearance-Huma counseling Hillary to deal with the Muslim Brotherhood and the wider Islamic world?

“Is Hillary a closet Islamist (spoiler alert: no)?”

That’s the title Foreign Policy slapped onto its tentative  treatment of this very question today – even mentioning Huma, which may be a MSM first. It is a piece that actually offers more ammo for “yes” than it aparently meant to.

FP writes:

Word on the street here in Cairo is that Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has become an Islamist overnight.

It’s not a joke. Clinton was greeted by protests upon visiting Egypt this weekend — but this time it wasn’t just Islamists who were denouncing the United States. Rather, opponents of the Muslim Brotherhood rallied to object to what they saw as Clinton’s support for President Mohamed Morsy, who hails from the Islamist movement’s ranks. Tawfiq Okasha, astaunch supporter of Egypt’s military establishment, led a protest outside the Four Seasons hotel, where Clinton was staying. In the city of Alexandria, protesters taunted Clinton with chants of “Monica, Monica” — a reference to Monica Lewinsky — and threw tomatoes and shoes at her motorcade.

The dissatisfaction can’t be dismissed as the work of a few rabble-rousers. Leading members of Egypt’s Coptic Christian communityrefused to meet with Clinton due to the U.S. government’s “support for Islamism over other political and civil forces.” The meeting with Coptic leaders who did show up apparently did not go any more smoothly: According to human rights campaigner Hossam Bahgat, one speakeraccused the White House of being infiltrated by Islamists — and pointed to Clinton’s deputy chief of staff, Huma Abedine, as evidence.

And, according to the speaker’s  tweet, Huma “walked in the room two minutes later!”

Alas, ill-served FP readers have to do their own digging to ascertain why Huma might be “evidence.”

Even so, the refutation to come should strike even as non-informed reader as nonsensical.

FP writes:

If Hillary Clinton is indeed a covert Islamist, she’s not doing a very good jobeliminating the tensions between the Muslim Brotherhood and the U.S. government.

The list of potential issues goes on and on: The Brotherhood’s uncertain guarantees of equal rights to Copts and women, its shaky commitment to inclusive democracy, and its antagonism toward Israel are just a few of the subjects that could trip up relations with the United States. …

Hillary’s “failure to eliminate tensions” isn’t proof of anything. Meanwhile, the FP piece doesn’t consider an alternate possibility that Hillary is a “useful fool,” rather than a sworn jihadist.

Decorated Soviet spy Alger Hiss was described as having had Svengali-like powers over Secretary of State Edward Stettinius, a most useful fool of Soviet Grand Design circa the disastrous 1945 Yalta Conference. Of course, this high degree of communist penetration in the State Department hardly eliminated friction between the US and the Soviet Union. If we have in the Hillary/Huma connection an analogous partnership, obstacles may similarly remain to “trip up” relations between MB-led Egypt and the USA.

The question no one in a position of authority or audibility wants to ask is, are we looking at a national security crisis waiting to happen? Or are we looking at one thatalready happened?

Five Republican US Representatives — Reps. Michele Bachmann, Trent Frank, Thomas Rooney, Louie Gohmert, Lynn Westmoreland — have asked the State Department Inspector General to find out. On June 13, 2012, they sent letters to Inspectors General at Office of the Director of National Intelligence, Homeland Security, Defense, Justice, and State calling for investigations into Muslim Brotherhood influence in the US government.

For the State Department IG, they highlighted Hillary Clinton’s actions that have been “enormously favorable to the Muslim Brotherhood and its interests.” These include Hillary’s personal intercession in procuring a US visa for Tatiq Ramandan, grandson of the MB founder; a series of anti-free-speech meetings with the OIC, whose interests in spreading sharia (Islamic law) coincide with the MB’s; Hillary’s waiver of congressional restrictions on over $5 billion in aid to Egypt; her waiver of congressional restrictions on $170 million aid to the Palestinian Authority, whose “unity government” includes Hamas, a designated terrorist group and wing of the MB.

They also flagged the fact that the Secretary of State’s Deputy Chief of Staff, Huma Abedin, has three family members — her late father, her mother, and her brother — connected to Muslim Brotherhood operatives and/or organizations. “Her position,” they write, ” affords her routine access to the Secretary and to policy-making.”

Is that really fine by us?

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