Assbomb Fatwa: "Strange and Disgusting but True"

To anyone still wondering whether the sodomy fatwa is a hoax — though I alreadydismantled the charge — here is an interesting comment at Daniel Pipes’ web site, obviously written by an Arabic speaker, which offers more links and proofs that the sodomy fatwa is no hoax:

There is so much in the Arabic language web about information about this strange fatwa 

فتوى جواز توسيع الدبر باللواط اذا كان الغرض منه الجهاد

I really do not believe that it is a hoax and it appears as far back as November and here is a link from facebook

And this is an article from the very respected web site el-hiwar el-mutamadin by Malik Baroudi

There is no reason for him to be a liar at all and here is another copy of the fatwa from the site where it now appears and it is منتديات أسول السنة and here is as how appears in the web site and yes I had to use the link from a Christian web site with a link to the muntadaiat site but there file was the best

I do not have any doubt that there is such fatwa and it is strange and disgusting but true

Now how about the strange name of Hamd Abu al-Dima’ al-Qasab or Hamd the father of blood who cuts (chops) but that does not mean very much as it is not unusual that fatwas can be issued under a nom de plume

And what is most surprising Arab readers on the web who are used to crazy Shiekhs that issue crazy fatwas believe that this fatwa is for real and the question is who is behind it so the Sunnis are blaming the shi3a who are blaming the sunnis and everyone is blaming the usual suspects el-Yahood wa el-CIA [the Jews and the CIA]

I say to Raymond Ibrahim: Those freaks at El [Electronic Intifada]know that he is correct and like typical Muslims lies and intimidations will always be part of how they operate