Jordanian official calls Jewish refugees from Arab countries "fabrications"

The Elder of Ziyon

When it comes to rewriting history, the Arabs are world champions. Here’s a  video on the subject, Jewish Nakba.

Jordan’s Addustour quotes Jordan’s Director General of the Department of Palestinian Affairs, Eng Mahmoud Aqrabawi, about Israel.He hurled the usual bizarre accusations of Israel “Judaizing” Jerusalem and denying its “historic Arab and Muslim character.”

He also praised Jordan’s historic role in preserving the holy places of Jerusalem, which is all well and good until you realize that Jordan destroyed scores of synagogues and a large part of the most important ancient Jewish cemetery in the 19 short years they administered the Old City and surrounding areas.

But he really went off the deep end when he said that Israel is “fabricating” the issue of “so-called Jewish refugees from Arab countries.”

If no Jews were forced out of Arab countries in the 1940s through 1960s, I guess they must all have been in Israel then already?