Londonistan: Muslims Fear Backlash After Police Arrests Islamic Terrorists

The Daily Mail, clueless as ever, focuses on race — note the “white Muslim convert” in its headline, while calling the additional people arrested today “one man from West Yorkshire and six from the West Midlands,” as if there were something about West Yorkshire and the West Midlands that would make people want to go on jihad. “Seven more terror arrests as police find ‘weapons hidden in car’ just a day after Olympic round-up that saw white Muslim convert captured,” by Graham Smith, Stephen Wright and Chris Greenwood in the Daily Mail, July 6

Londonistan: (Musel-)men in Muslim-style robes and a woman in a burka arrested

Terrorist raid in London

British police used smoke grenades and a stun gun in an early-morning swoop Thursday on a home close to London’s Olympic Park, as six terror suspects were rounded up in a series of raids across the city.

Multiculturalism and mass immigration haven’t quite delivered Britain the nirvana so fondly imagined by the Left.

Five men and a woman were arrested on suspicion of the commission, preparation or instigation of acts of terrorism and were being held at a southeast London police station, police said.

Three of the men, believed to be from a Bangladeshi family, were arrested in a raid on a house in Stratford, east London.

One, aged 24, was Tasered but did not require hospital treatment. The others were aged 18 and 26.–Read more: 

Somehow this Muslim police employee had gotten the crazy, Islamophobic notion that Islamic law and British law were not compatible. Meanwhile, yet another convert to Islam misunderstands his new, peaceful religion, and yet everyone nonetheless continues happily believing the Orwellian lies the mainstream media and Western governments purvey. More on this story. “White Muslim one of six arrested over ‘terror plot,'” by Tom Whitehead, Martin Evans and Sam Marsden for the Telegraph, July 5 (thanks to JW):

White Muslim convert Richard Dart and a former police community support officer were among six people arrested for allegedly plotting a terror attack in Britain. More on when he realized he was implementing infidel laws

9 thoughts on “Londonistan: Muslims Fear Backlash After Police Arrests Islamic Terrorists”

  1. There are several quite amazing abilities of our MSM

    1. They can immediately find out whether the person is White but unable to distinguish any other colour.

    2. They have no problem with gender

    3. Even the ages of the would be terrorists, they can be found and published.

    What is very very difficult for the corrupt and lying MSM is mentioning Islam + race/origin.

    This seems to be TOP SECRET and not to be reported. No problem with White, gender and even age, but Islam/race? Oh no.

  2. Many of the Muslims arrested over the last week or so appear to be followers of Andy Chouderhead. Can anyone confirm if this is true? If so, why don’t the British Police charge him with inciting terrorist acts like the Indonesians did with Bucktooth Bashir. I for one would love to see Anjem Choudary behind bars.

  3. I for one would love to see Anjem Choudary behind bars.

    Not really. He is one of the few who really says what Islam is like. It is the so-called moderate Muslims, the ones who lie about Islam, it being a religion of peace etc, who are the real threats, as well as the silent majority which grows and grows and grows, till we are a silenced minority.

  4. I agree with DP111. Additionally, the arrest of white converts should dominstrate even more strongly just who dangerous to humanity islam is.
    Combine islam with the mysogyny of backwards hill cultures from Pakistan and there is a problem. Let chowderhead continue to stink up the country – the real enemies of the UK are those who are aiding and abetting in Whitehall.

    1. That’s only in the immediate aftermath, mullah.

      On the second day its usually the oppressive and unjust policies of the host nation that cause the yoots to wage jihad…..

  5. The future that all reasonable people predicted is here. As the West crumbles into a debt laden catastrophe, the multicultural nightmare created by a handful of communist lunatics will start to flex its wings. It aint going to be pretty…

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