UK: Grooming, Pimping & Curry

Brothers ‘groomed two teenage girls and pimped them out to curry house workers for £150 a time’

Nothing to do with Islam. According to Yorkeshire police chief   Sir Norman Bettison  “young white men like easy meat too…”

All men are scum.  (Ask Lara Logan)  All cultures are the same, can’t discriminate here. Or are you racist bigot Islamophobe calling for some  kind of clash of civilisations?

Daily Mail  via Vlad

  • Mubarek and Ahdel Ali accused of ferrying girls aged 15 and 16 to a restaurant
  • Brothers accused of grooming teenage girls for sex
  • Both deny a total of 26 charges against them

Two brothers groomed a pair of teenage girls before pimping them out to workers at a curry house for £150 a time after hours sex sessions, a court heard.

Mubarek Ali, 29, and younger brother Ahdel Ali, 24, were paid for ferrying the girls, aged 15 and 16, to a restaurant.

The siblings face a total of 26 charges including controlling child prostitution, people trafficking and sexual exploitation.

Brothers Mubarek Ali, 29, left, and Ahdel Ali, 24, right, deny controliing child prostitution, people trafficking and sexual exploitation

Ahdel Ali, known as Eddie, is also accused of rape and sexual activity with a child.

Other offerings from the Religion of Peace:

Never ever help a Muslim:

And the plaintiffs are members of a group that has a long history of spuriously claiming victim status. “The celebrity photographer and an ‘assault in Tesco on hijab-wearing Muslim she called a terrorist,'” by Sam Greenhill and Rosie Taylor in the Daily Mail, July 4 (thanks to JW)

  • Photographer Cinnamon Heathcote Drury allegedly called a Muslim family ‘terrorists’
  • Also accused of pushing pregnant woman wearing a hijab  (note the ‘hijab’ reference- it is supposed to make the muselmama untouchable)
  • Heathcote Drury denies racially aggravated assault–Read more:  Daily Mail

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  1. Reading between the lines of the folowing BBC articles, it appears that Islamic pedophile networks are setting up privately operated children’s homes in heavily Islamized parts of England and using them as pedophile brothels, with kuffar children being brought in from other areas and forced into sex slavery. This needs more publicity.


    “The leader of Rochdale Council says children should no longer be sent to care homes in the borough because their safety “is not being guaranteed”.

    There are 41 children’s homes in Rochdale, which house vulnerable children from all over England.

    Colin Lambert says the council has no say in what happens to children in homes who come from outside Rochdale.

    Nine men were recently convicted of abusing young girls in Rochdale, one of whom lived in a care home….”


    The government has published plans to combat the sexual exploitation of children in care homes in England by gangs.

    The move acts on recommendations made by the deputy children’s commissioner in a report on sexual exploitation.

    The conviction this year of nine men in a child sex ring sparked concerns about the safety of children’s homes.

    Children’s Minister Tim Loughton said: “These are big changes to a system, which has been letting down too many.”

    In May nine men were jailed for being part of a child sex ring in Rochdale – one of the girls was in care at the time and all were said to have been known to social services at some point.

    There are 2,074 registered children’s homes in England, Ofsted records
    These homes offer 11,765 places
    There are 16 secure children’s homes, providing 281 places
    Around three quarters of homes are run by private operators
    Annual fees per child can total £200,000
    There is a high density of children’s homes in Margate, Rochdale, Blackpool and Worthing – large properties in these areas tend to be cheap
    45% of children in care homes are outside of their home borough
    Police figures show an estimated 10,000 children go missing from care every year
    Government official data records just 930 children

    Ministers also pledged a wide-ranging review of all aspects of the quality and effectiveness of children’s homes, including management, ownership and staffing.

    A working group will consider…. whether areas such as Rochdale where there are high concentrations of children’s homes are really the best “places for bringing up our most vulnerable looked after children”…

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