Mermaids, Witch Hunts & Fragrant Taliban Cadavers

There is no evidence that mermaids exist, a US government scientific agency has said. …

Now if only these boobs would discover that manmade global warming isn’t real either.

 In other news,  65 percent of Americans believe that Obama could handle an alien attack better than Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney. Actually, the Obamster is aiding and abetting the alien invasion, but  don’t mention it to leftist Moonbats, they won’t go there….

Muslim Witch Hunts (Daniel Greenfield)

“In Washington D.C. witch hunts might be a metaphor, but in Riyadh, they’re a top priority.” – taken more seriously than terrorism, in fact.

In response to Congressman Peter King’s hearings on Islamic radicalization, Muslim Brotherhood stooge Suhail Khan authored an article denouncing the hearings as a “witch hunt.” He was echoed by Ibrahim Hooper of CAIR who also branded the hearings a “witch hunt.”

 Dead Talibandits don’t stink!

Last December a musel-cleric in Afghanistan tried to recruit suicide bombers by promising them that the remains of shaheeds, (those who kill and die in the way of allah)  don’t decay and smell like roses. 

Don’t know how successful his recruitment drive was, but  the believers are (still) totally befuddled with the idea.

Bob points out that  what they mean is that there is no difference in smell between a living jihadi and a dead one.

I’ll buy that.

2 thoughts on “Mermaids, Witch Hunts & Fragrant Taliban Cadavers”

  1. 65 percent of Americans believe that Obama could handle an alien attack


    The US is already being ruled by an alien. The country is overrun by aliens of the Islamic sort, and “Americans believe that Obama could handle an alien attack”.

  2. I wonder how much of the American tax payer monies was ‘wasted’ on this stupid study. Profligate bastards!

    I wouldn’t believe Obama could handle watching my dog, let alone save the world from an Alien invasion.

    But, then I am cynical, I stopped trusting poll/survey questions when I was asked in a phone survey, “If I disliked Tony Blair” or “If I really really disliked Tony Blair.” Unprofessional and skewed question. Shameful.

    Turned out the survey was paid for by Air France (French) and the EU-Brussels. Hmm. Now, I wonder what their agenda was?

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