Antifa Nazis, al Reuters & the Ghost of Breivik

Robinson, Spencer, Geller, Stockholm, August 4, 2012

Counter Jihadists are “Breivik’s foot-soldiers” shrieks  from Malaysia;  calling Norwegian terrorist Anders Breivik, who killed 77 people in Norway last year, “ultra-conservative”…..

That’s a first. Did anyone ever call Breivik an “ultra-conservative” before?  So this mass-murdering lunatic is just as “ultra-conservative” as an Islamic cleric?  Weird, but I’m beginning to like the association.


Reuters’ Anna Ringstrom dissembles about freedom rally in Stockholm

“Sweden “Counter-Jihad” Rally Outnumbered by Anti-Racists,”

STOCKHOLM (Reuters) – A Stockholm rally by European and U.S. far-right groups seeking to create a global “counter-jihad” movement attracted fewer than 200 people on Saturday who were outnumbered by anti-racist protesters.


AP perverts the truth: lies about the violence in Stockholm

Pamela Geller ably fisks a ridiculous AP report about the Stockholm rally.

We stood for the freedom of speech and equality of rights — that’s what’s “far-right” these days. And we were outnumbered, as Pamela Geller notes: “we were ‘outnumbered’ because we had to conduct our rally surrounded by police vans and police in riot gear — not because we were violent, but because of the bloodthirsty leftist hoodlums who were screaming their bloodlust and doing everything they could to break through the police lines and do physical harm to the freedom fighters present. Many people told us they were afraid to come, or they’d get fired if they came. Some told us afterward that they wanted to come but couldn’t get through the leftist hooligans and the police. So then Reuters reports this as our rally being ‘outnumbered’ — as if there was simply no interest. Yet when we had tens of thousands at Ground Zero to stand for freedom against the Islamic supremacist mega-mosque, they ignored it or severely underreported the attendance. Anything to defame our freedom movement.”

Sweden’s anti-Islam protest ends in violence

An anti-Islam protest in Sweden ended in violence after counter demonstrators broke through a police line and threw stones, bottles and fireworks at the anti-Islam march.  (who caused the violence? Scroll down to find out!)

‘Antifa’ Nazis & Complicit Journaillie  Smear Counter-jihadists  With “Breivik”

They are insane, they are vicious, they are vile and obsessed. Those who are not entirely clueless can see through their pernicious propaganda, but a lot of good people are scared off by being associated with  being ‘racistbigotislamophobic’ Breivickers.

The EDL in Stockholm

From the Gates of Vienna

EDL in Stockholm #1

“As expected, there was a hateful feeling when some of the most prominent from the Counterjihad movement visited Stockholm.”

That was the description posted by EXPO of today’s rally in downtown Stockholm organized by the English Defence League, Robert Spencer, and Pamela Geller.

The event went off without a major hitch, according to reports from the scene. The following account was collated from live reports by Henrik Ræder Clausen, Nilk, Fjordman, and our Swedish correspondent LN.

The Stockholm police are quoted as saying that the SDL and EDL were peaceful and caused no trouble. Initial Swedish media reports were relatively even-handed, calling the demonstration “Anti-Islamist”.

The police reported that there were about a hundred Counterjihad demonstrators. They also stated that “tens” of counter-demonstrators were arrested, and more arrests are expected in the coming days, due to public order violations. Accounts at the scene said that police employed horses against AFA/Antifa.

The antifas and EXPO had been preparing for today’s event for weeks in advance. Anti-EDL posters appeared all over Stockholm:

EDL in Stockholm #2:

This one refers to the EDL as “Breivik’s foot-soldiers”.

There was a gay pride parade in Stockholm this weekend at the same time as the EDL/SION rally:  Read more »

Malay Press: desperately trying to pin violence on the freedom fighters:

Sweden’s anti-Islam protest ends in violence

An anti-Islam protest in Sweden ended in violence after counter demonstrators broke through a police line and threw stones, bottles and fireworks at the anti-Islam march.

Police spokesman Kjell Lendgren was reported as saying that around 400 “leftists had gathered to heckle the 100-strong demonstration,” which had been rallying to bring attention to what it argues is the Islamization of Europe.

In the counter protest, the local activists called for tolerance and warned of a rise in fascism.

They referred to the nationalist groups as “Breivik’s foot-soldiers” – a reference to Norwegian ultra-conservative terrorist Anders Breivik, who killed 77 people in Norway last year.

Lendgren said the leftists shouted and blew vuvuzelas to drown out anti-Islam and nationalist speeches, but then started throwing bottles and lit fireworks at police, injuring two officers.

He said 10 activists were arrested, after which the situation calmed down.

Nationalist groups such as the English Defense League were instrumental in organizing the anti-Islam event, which was described on the anti-Islam European Freedom Initiative’s website as the “first worldwide counter-jihad action.”

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  1. OT: Bob Carr gives millions of Australian taxpayers’ money to Syrian refugees in Jordan, and says, “Australians are very generous people.” Well, if they are, then let them give their own money, and stop thieving my money to give to Muslims, whose religion has mayhem written into it and will always generate “refugees.”
    Next step? Will he bring them here to join the Afghanis, Pakistanis, “Palestinians”, Iraqis, and countless other Muslim “communities” we “generously” host?

  2. It is not surprising that some very obviously extremely racist malaysians are trying to smear the counterjihadist movement.
    Those islamic communities in malaysia would just keep eerily quiet whenever their islamic communities rise up against the Western infidels, but at the same time those islamics would make use of the American advanced business expertise to boast about their islamic ummah or enrich their own islamic ummah.

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