Ramadan Bomber Smokes 45 in South Yemen City

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ADEN (Reuters) – A suicide bomber struck at a wake in Yemen’s southern city of Jaar overnight, killing at least 45 people and wounding dozens more, the defence ministry said, in the deadliest attack since the army declared victory over Islamist militants in June.    More allahcarnage at Reuters Africa

 Malaysia  (not yet) respectable Islamic country; more Islam needed!

KUALA LUMPUR (Aug 5, 2012): Muslims must abide by the teachings of Islam as espoused in the Quran as a way of life, said Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin.  He said Muslims should embrace the sanctity and purity of the Quran wholeheartedly in an effort to make Malaysia a respectable Islamic country.   More on following doctrines of demons at theSundaily

Malaysian Kuffarphobia: Action Against Non-muslims For Spreading Their Religion To Muslims

YAN, Aug 5 (Bernama) — The Islamic Religious Council in the states can take action against non-Muslims for trying to spread their faith among Muslims in the country.—More kuffarphobia Bernama

 Ramadan Bonus for Child Rapist, (UK)
 A judge has been criticised for handing the predator who led the Rochdale child grooming gang just three more years for repeatedly raping another girl.--Victim slams ‘soft’ rape sentence for Rochdale sex gang leader

Sudan “should…”

2 thoughts on “Ramadan Bomber Smokes 45 in South Yemen City”

  1. Sudan: but the most zealous Muslim converts are the black ones, who feel empowered by their association with the superior Arab race…that is, empowered until they get shot or enslaved, or starved off their land. But all over the world now, the Religion of Peace is conning black people into joining it. Land Rights for Muslim Aborigines…?

    1. Land Rights for Muslim Aborigines…?

      Most definitely. There is a long time effort in that direction, acquiring land to secede, which then becomes muslim land for all time. We all know that the world and everything in it belongs to allah, so they’re only ‘taking it back’…..

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