Australia in the Grip of the Compassion Brigades

Andrew Bolt:

The menace of the compassion brigade

Now Chris Bowen has to endure the fear and vilification the Left subjected Philip Ruddock to when he had to stop the boats and the drownings:

Tensions are heightening over the asylum seeker debate, with Immigration Minister Chris Bowen fronting a press conference in Sydney on Saturday afternoon under police guard.

Fearing a backlash from refugee advocates, Mr Bowen was protected by three police officers as he gave an update on the reconnaissance teams sent to Manus Island and Nauru.

How interesting that those claiming to be the most compassionate are the most dangerous to the safety of politicians.

It’s something about loving humanity in the abstract to disguise hatred of humans in the specific.

Its not our humanity these ‘refugee advocates’ care about. There is another humanity that doesn’t  consider us ‘human’ at all.

7 thoughts on “Australia in the Grip of the Compassion Brigades”

  1. The Compassion Brigade should have a wee chat with the Rape victim in Colorado and the British student who was a Rape Victim at the Calais camp who thought she was trying to help the poor unfortunate refugees in the Refugee camp in Calais.

    Bleeding Hearts = Bleeding Body.

    Don’t waste your time with savages it will only end badly for you.

  2. These Labor retards closed down places like Nauru when KRudd got voted in, now they’re going to have to spend a whole bunch of money to get the place up & running again.

    To me, Labor sould be kicking in a fair proportion of this money, and not rely in the government, i.e. the tax-payer, to foot the entire bill. You know, deduct what could be attibuted to being fair wear & tear on the centres, and Labor to pick up the balance.

  3. And so the disintegration of Australian society as we know it begins. Wherever there are muslims and their leftard enablers violence follows as surely as night follows day. The invaders they are defending are not refugees they are part of the grand jihad as mandated by the koran & supported by the muslim brotherhood and other groups like sharia4Australia. I despair for my Great Grand Children because the Australia they will inherit will bear no resemblance to a civilized society if we (the silent majority) sit back and allow the labor party & the green loony party to have their way. Real Australians can see what is going on but are so choked with the moral & cultural relativism which has been shoved down their throats for the last 40 years they are too scared to say anything. It’s time to pick your side because those supporting these islamic invaders will be labelled as traitors and dealt with as such

  4. Personally I think that these ‘Illegal immigrants’, exploiting criminals should be sent to a UN transit camp and have to wait there till a suitable country is found.

    No touchy feely solutions just ‘this is the way its going to be’. See how long it takes for the boats to stop.

  5. I said to Bolt yesterday, “Andrew, please get off the ‘compassion’ boat.” This should not be a competition about who is the most ‘compassionate’, whether it be the Greens etc or Bolt himself wailing about the ‘tragic deaths’. Governments should be cool-headed and think firstly about national security and prosperity, not absorb the suffering of the world and think it is our responsibility to fix it, and expect our people to pay through the nose in the attempt.
    This has gone way beyond a joke, this nonsense about ‘compassion’. Let the Muslim world care for their ‘brothers.’

  6. So right,PJG..let the muslims take care of their poor and destitute, seems they have OODLES of millions of dollars to build their mosques by the thousands throughout the West as they seek to undermine our countries, but then they expect the West to pick up the tab to house, feed, free medical and pay them unemployment benefits to boot…we really are stupid!! to the muslim it is their right to demand these privileges as they consider us as their Dhimmis, and the Quran says they are the SPECIAL people who must bring ” the light” of Islam to the world..cleansing the world of infidels until their is no other god but allah..

  7. is estimated that there are 40 million refugees waiting in camps to find a country to take them …thats TWICE the population of Australia..all the bleeding hearts Brigade need to have a reality check, we cannot save the world!!

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