Berlin prepares for 'possible violence' over Motoon display

Berlin police are preparing for possible violence at the weekend after an anti-Islam group was granted leave to display provocative cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed during demonstrations outside mosques.

A court told the Pro-Deutschland group on Thursday it could show copies of the Danish cartoons which sparked violent protests around the globe when they were first published in 2005.

This Saturday, the group plans to demonstrate in front of three mosques in the capital city under the slogan, “Islam does not belong to Germany – stop Islamisation.”

Around 70 participants are expected to drive between the mosques and hold rallies in front of them – as Muslims prepare to celebrate the end of Ramadan on Sunday.

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One thought on “Berlin prepares for 'possible violence' over Motoon display”

  1. It will be surprising if there is no attempt by the muslims to start a violent conflict. However, the response of the police to any such attempt will be interesting and should be carefully studied.

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