David Cameron wants British people to "integrate more” with the Muslim way of life….

Tory leader David Cameron has called upon Muslims to “embrace our British values” just 44 months after telling voters exactly the opposite, namely that British people “need to integrate more” with the Muslim way of life.

In addition, Mr Cameron claimed that there was a difference between Islam and Islamism, even though in an earlier policy statement, he warned directly against making that distinction because, he said, it “plays into the extremists’ hands.”

From an article which appeared in the Observernewspaper in May 2007 titled “What I learnt from my stay with a Muslim family,” Mr Cameron wrote: “Not for the first time, I found myself thinking that it is mainstream Britain which needs to integrate more with the British Asian way of life, not the other way around. (More Eidolatry here)

Integrate this:

Dr Abdul Ruff figured it all out:

Pakistan: Muslims torture and murder 11-year-old Christian boy, detectives investigating whether he was accused of blasphemy

Suneel (Samuel)  Masih, an orphan, disappeared on August 19. His body was found two days later in a remote area. Some internal organs removed, probably for the black market. His face disfigured with acid. Police Officer confesses to never having seen “such a murder.” The Christian community calls for justice, but so far not even an investigation has been opened.(here-Atlas)

 “Christian boy tortured and killed in Pakistan,” by Dean Nelson for the Telegraph, August 23

Blasphemy case: Imam instigates hate campaign against Christians

Islamic supremacism on the march:

.. ‘All you chooras (a derogatory term for South Asian Christians) must leave here immediately or we will pour petrol on you and burn you alive …You sweepers are only deserving of such treatment.’.. Tribune (via Atlas)

Sharia: 11-year-old Down’s Syndrome girl charged with blasphemy for burning book with “sacred” text “cannot read or write”

The Vatican has come to the defense of the 11-year-old Down’s Syndrome girl beaten and charged with blasphemy. What took so long?  How’s that “interfaith dialogue” working out for Christians in Muslim countries? The Vatican has been too quiet, too soft, too weak. Jewish leaders are no better.

Paki  imam accuses Christian girl of ‘conspiracy’

“Last Christmas, they played musical instruments and there was vulgarity in the streets during our prayers time. I warned them but they did not stop.”

Islamic Slavery:

Women’s Clothing  Un-Islamic?

Sharia in action in Pakistan: Women’s clothing store blown up after Islamic supremacists warned it not to sell women clothes, shoes, and bangles

Selling women clothes angers Allah. Blowing up a women’s clothing store pleases Allah.

“Women’s shopping store blown up in Landikotal,” from the Daily Times, August 23 (thanks to The Religion of Peace):

LANDIKOTAL: A bomb went off in a women’s shopping store in KhugaKhel area of Landikotal on Monday. However, no casualty was reported in the blast, local sources said. Some unidentified militants had already warned the owners of the general store not to sell women items like clothes, shoes, bangles and other products. They warned them to close their business. Majority of the locals were of the view that the women general store has facilitated the local women to purchase items of their choice. It would be worth mentioning that the stores for women in Landikotal are also run by women. After an explosion in a mobile shop, people said that it was an alarming situation and the area might once again become a hub of militants to sabotage the peaceful environment.

No kidding, really?

Ahmadiyya are not Muslims:

Pakistan: Ahmadis restricted from offering Eid prayers

Yet in the United States, Ahmadis like Harris Zafar run interference for the Islamic supremacists who persecute them elsewhere, by attacking and defaming the very people who are standing up to their jihadist persecutors. As Jihad Watch reader David, who sent this in, noted, maybe if tools like Zafar work even harder for the Islamic supremacists in the West, the Islamic supremacists in Pakistan will ease up on persecuting Ahmadis. But probably not.

“Ahmadis restricted from offering Eid prayers,” by Faiza Mirza for Dawn, August 23 (thanks to The Religion of Peace):

6 thoughts on “David Cameron wants British people to "integrate more” with the Muslim way of life….”

  1. Mr. Cameron i s one more delusional Politically Correct lackey, and lapdog of Islam. He like others feel that accommodating, groveling, and pandering to the Muslim populace will eventually win their favor. How foolish he is if in 1400+ years it has not worked what makes him think it will work now? He and his political class must be really hard up to prostitute themselves out for a few cheap votes while destroying the culture and fabric of society in the UK.

  2. @Big Frank,

    Why not it worked for Tony Blair.

    RE: ”Christian boy tortured and killed in Pakistan” & 11 Year old Girl with Down Syndrome.

    Cowards… killing women and children to make themselves feel like a man, the only way they no how.

    Pathetic pussies.

    There is a special place in Hell for those who murder children.

  3. It’s just modern form of ‘Quisling thinking’, there’s all the Historical evidence of Islamofascism to refer to, past and present but the Governments of the World are more than complicit when it comes to enabling the causes that will bring civilization to a crashing halt.

    Complicity to the fact.

  4. David Cameron is only making noises. Anti-Islam sentiment in the UK is gaining momentum. New political party, British Freedom, has vowed to stop Moslem immigration for five years when they are elected. The number of anti-Islam websites is growing and Mr Cameron fears he will lose voters to anti-Islam politicians. Mr Cameron will say whatever it takes to pacify the Brits but will follow-up with zilch action. He admires Moslems and Islam and is a firm believer in the EU. He promised a referendum on the EU then reneged once he gained office. The man will spout whatever it takes to remain in power but will do bugger-all.

  5. Red Rose

    Right you are.
    Cameron is changing his tune as anti-Islam sentiment is rising by the day. The EDL is giving voice to the people as well occupying the street and square. The last has got the elites truly worried.

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