Whitewashing Mohammedan Pedophilia

And why would Bartholomew do that?

Bunglawussi lip spittle Richard Bartholomew might very soon go where Australian ‘revert’ Siddiq Conlon ended up: in a cell.

Obviously, Richard (or is it ‘Dick’) supports pedophilia.  Otherwise, why the whitewash?

Muhammad was betrothed to Aisha when she was six years old, and he consummated their union when she was only nine.

The hadith says of her age:

. . . [T]hen he [Muhammad] wrote the marriage (wedding) contract with Aishah when she was a girl of six years of age, and he consumed [sic, consummated] that marriage when she was nine years old. (Bukhari; once the readers click on this link, they should please read the parallel hadith below this one.)

The Ayatollah Khomeini followed his prophet carefully. He married a girl of ten years old, and encouraged other men to do likewise, saying that fathers should give their daughters away before their first period:

. . . the Ayatollah himself married a ten-year-old girl when he was twenty-eight? Does ‘Dick’, [the Khomeini supporter] know that Khomeini called marriage to a girl before her first menstrual period “a divine blessing,” and advised the faithful: “Do your best to ensure that your daughters do not see their first blood in your house”?

WND and Joel Richardson Mislead on Child Bride Data

Posted on August 25, 2012 by Richard Bartholomew

From Joel Richardson, last week at WND:

An article featured last week on CNN’s website by Samuel Burke highlighted the epidemic of child brides throughout the Islamic world. Burke’s article begins by discussing the marriage of Faiz, an 11-year-old girl, and Ghulam, a 40-year-old man, in Afghanistan.

…According to Burke, there are approximately 51 million such child brides in the world today.

…The report continues to show that while Muslim men are supposed to wait until their child brides reach puberty before consummating the marriage, the private testimony of many women is that few Muslim men, once married, actually wait.

The implication is that from Morocco to Malaysia, “51 million” prepubescent children are being raped by Muslim men, under the sanction of either law or custom.

Burke’s article refers to the work of Stephanie Sinclair, a photographer who has documented child brides. Here’s what he actually says, in context:

Before their wedding ceremony begins in rural Afghanistan, a 40-year-old man sits to be photographed with his 11-year-old bride… She is one of the 51 million child brides around the world today. And it’s not just Muslims; it happens across many cultures and regions.

…Sinclair says while many Afghans told her the men would wait until puberty, women pulled her aside to tell her that indeed the men do have sex with the prepubescent brides.

…In a Christian community in Ethiopia, she captured the image of a 14 year-old girl named Leyualem in a scene that looks like an abduction…

As regards Muslims, Burke’s anecdotes are drawn exclusively from Afghanistan and Yemen – two particularly underdeveloped parts of the Muslim world. Burke does not claim that there is an “epidemic… across the Muslim world”, and the “51 million” figure does not refer just to Muslims.

Further, it should be noted (and is this a point that Burke also fails to make clear) that the “51 million” actually refers to older adolescent girls rather than to younger children; the relevant source is a report from the International Center for Research on Women, entitled Too Young to Wed: The Lives, Rights, and Health of Young Married Girls:

Worldwide, there are more than 51 million adolescent girls aged 15–19 who are married and bearing the burden of domestic responsibility and the risks associated with early sexual activity, including pregnancy… Rates of early marriage are highest in West Africa, South Asia, and East and Central Africa, where approximately 30 percent or more of girls aged 15–19 are already married. Rates are also relatively high, but more moderate, in Central America and the Caribbean, where 20 percent of girls aged 15–19 are married, compared to 2–4 percent in North America, East Asia, and Western Europe.

A footnote explains that “figures provided on early marriage and related trends are from national Demographic and Health Surveys conducted in the corresponding country”. Also:

…It is difficult to obtain data on marital status or age at marriage among adolescents aged 10–14 because of the legal norms surrounding marriage and the fact that official statistics do not document illegal behavior; in some societies, the proportions of girls who are married when they are younger than 15 may not be insignificant.

The report considers the various causes of early marriage. The authors cite gender roles and a lack of alternatives; the value of virginity and fears about premarital sexual activity; marriage alliances and transactions;  and the role of poverty. Richardson, however, sees no need to take any serious research on the subject into account; it is enough to assert that Muslims are simply emulating the behaviour of Muhammad in his marriage to Aisha:

…Why is the left so enraged when anyone mentions the truth with regard to Muhammad, who is so clearly the primary source of the child-rape-as-marriage practiced throughout many quarters of the world?

When given the option of offending Muhammad’s followers or standing with the most innocent little lambs this world knows, there is no option. People of moral courage simply cannot be silent any longer.

Of course, Richardson makes no mention of age of consent laws in Muslim countries, as that might dilute the disgust anger we should feel against “Muhammad’s followers”; George Readings drew attention to these laws in 2009:

…Marriage to a pre-pubescant child with whom consummation occurs upon reaching puberty is not a model most people would be happy with in the modern world (although Bolivia sets the age of consent at puberty).

Which is probably why nearly all Muslim countries have reformed these rules beyond recognition. The age of consent in Algeria and Malaysia is 16, in Indonesia it is 19 for males and 16 for females. In Egypt it’s 18 for both and Tunisia 20. Reform has not, however, come to Saudi Arabia. Back in April the world followed the case of a mother trying to obtain a divorce for her eight-year-old daughter who had been married off by her father to a friend he owed a debt. In the end she succeeded and now there is even talk of Saudi Arabia preventing marriage before the age of 18.

What a shame that Richardson appears to put less energy into providing truthful witness than he does into trying to discern signs of the coming Muslim Anti-Christ.

As an aside, it should also be remembered that a central story of the New Testament concerns a young teenage girl (in fact, perhaps as young as 12) who is allowed no control over her own fertility, and who is then married off to a man traditionally thought to be somewhat older than her. Is that something Christians should emulate?

17 thoughts on “Whitewashing Mohammedan Pedophilia”

  1. What I’ve discovered lately is that the moral ideaof not marrying young females has been formalized, passed down, and force-fed to you westerns culturally by rulers, religions and old women (like Oprah) for hundred of years.
    I don’t mean to get too far out here, but I hope that understanding where these beliefs came from and how they are promoted will liberate many readers of this site
    Christianity and most other religions take everything that your
    DNA naturally wants to do to survive and pro-create and makes it
    Wrong Why? Well, if you’re busy fighting your internal drives, and
    you see God as the only way to cleanse yourself of these ‘bad’
    thoughts, then you are a much better SHEEP.
    Islam does not do that,God know that a natural man desires young females so he allowed marrying them(after puberty and under certain conditions),a natural man desires having multiple sexual partners at a time so he allowed polygamy.
    Prophet Mohamed did what every natural man back then did and what every man nowadays (not brainwashed by media) longs to do.
    I personally believe that men are hard wired to look for sexual partners who are younger than him and seek out sexual variety. (Let me also add that just
    because you’re hard wired to like sweet foods doesn’t mean that you should eat only sweet foods. This will lead you to sickness and eventually can lead to disease and death.)
    With this in mind, I’d like you to ask yourself:
    What are my beliefs about so called pedophilia?
    Where did they come from?
    Do I like my beliefs?
    Do my beliefs conflict with my inner drives?
    Would I like to change what I believe based on this new
    In any event, from now forward, don’t let anyone (like sheikermami)or anything make you feel bad because of your NATURAL desires and attraction to young females.

  2. moron hadjen,
    Do not do a science class in the west – you are too stupid to pass. You are actually a very good example of islamic selfishness – willing to destroy others for your own personal greed. Of course, you are conveniently neglecting a great deal of information gathered by the social sciences that demonstrates that generally children do not have sufficient maturity to benefit from a sexual relations ship with an adult, and any adult participating in such is only doing so to satisfy its base instincts at cost to another because the emotional exchange that would be present between two consenting adults is missing.
    You have just stated that you will sexually abuse an child for your own sexual gratification, and that shows, as has nearly everything you have written, that you are a dumb moron who is more than capable of using violence to destroy concepts that you cannot understand. Folks, read what hajden writes very carefully – I can tell you that islamists are evil jerks but it is far better when muslims do that themsselves, and here you have hadjen writing about his justification for sexually oppressing minors because it makes him feel good.
    That is islam folks – self gratification at the expense of others. do write again mhadjen.

  3. kaw,
    I was going to respond as well but meh I had to ‘walk away’. Decent people obviously don’t think the way this maggot does.

    Personally not only is it a ‘lust’ thing but these heroic Muslim men are intimidated by a woman. The fear of not being able to perform, or get it up, must be a huge psychological problem for them. Being able to push and intimidate a child would be more fitting for them.

    Nothing shocks me about these maggots anymore.

  4. I do not believe that we should walk away – that is interpreted as weakness by islamists – we stand our ground and we do not yield one mm to these thugs.

  5. OOh I don’t mean walk away in a literal sense, I merely meant comments posted here. Let them post for the whole world to see.

    Not posting a comment to this maggot mhajden shows him how much contempt others have on his outlook.

    I’d have no problems taking a razor blade to his genitals if he lived anywhere near me.

  6. natural desires are one thing but controling lust for little girls or boys is the difference between a civilised society and a savage barbaric uneducated society. I feel great pity for you and your muslim brothers not being able to have a normal sexual relationship with a grown woman really is a sign of your sexual immaturety.

  7. The Bukhari hadith says inter alia “….and he consumed [sic, consummated] that marriage when she was nine years old.”
    The lunar year is shorter than the solar year by eleven days and that means pedo Mo consumated his marriage with Aisha when she was eight years and nine months(approx) old.

  8. I knew when I was writing my comment that everyone in this site will want to lynch me after reading it, why? Because your blind hatred for Islam is going to prevent you from understanding what I really mean. people, when I say (young females) I don’t mean children, I don’t mean kinder garden kids, I am not a sick man,in fact you will all go crazy if knew that I am actually a pedodontist(dentist who treats children),scientifically and medically we don’t consider 14,15 and 16 years old persons pedo,and when they come to pediatrician clinic we refer them to adults clinic..so do u in the west. A 14 or 15 years old female (specially in hot climate area) are well developed female with full sexual function and complete desire and she continue that way until the age of 50 when the menopause occurs.
    The majority of African and middle east countries (including non Muslim countries) set the marriageable age to 15 and sometimes younger if the judge decide that the female is well developed mentally and physically and she is actually wants to get married to that person. So do u call third of humanity pedophiles?
    Prophet Mohamed did marry Aisha when she was 6 but that was only on paper and she wasn’t denied any of her childhood, he wasn’t sexual with her until she reached the proper age so stop these false accusations that you all don’t know anything about.
    For the thousand and thousand time, Islam strictly forbid having sex with children so don’t you western morons come here and play heroes. just because one of your stupid legislators woke up one morning and said let us set the proper age to 18 and put anyone who marries younger than that in jail and call them pedophiles, that doesn’t mean all the world should agree with you…cultures are different development and maturity is relative and varies wildly from climate to climate, before I end my comment let me remind you again and again WHEN I SAY YOUNG FEMALES I DON’T MEAN LITTLE CHILDREN.

  9. hasbeen,
    Your qualifications are not impressive – most here have long exceeded your mediocre achievements, and I might add that your qualification appears more suspect with every pseudo-scientific line you write. I will also add that, unlike your fellow religionists, we know the difference between childhood and adulthood and that formal qualitative research guidelines were used in drawing up a statistically valid estimate of the defining age between childhood and adulthood. And the factors you mention are included in these analyses (in fact we are the ones who outlined the environmental processes [and they are not all well understood] affecting maturity of an individual). We don’t really need to hear poorly understood explanations of the sciences we developed being thrown back at his in an effort to impress. Of course this estimate varies in the west, and is not always 18 years as you incorrectly state. As for the term “moron”, I suspect most here would agree that you fit the bill perfectly. I have agreed with the request of the SA not to use language more appropriate to the gutters from which you come – but you should understand that you deserve no such respect. As for disliking islam, well the reason is because of what islam does, and no other religion genders so much concern due to the behaviour of its adherents as does islam. It is not because you have something of which we are jealous, it is because you behave like arrogant, violent, and stupid children (which may explain why you have so much difficultly in understanding the differences between adulthood and chilldhood). It would be appropriate if the spirits of those you muslims murdered in Luxor can return and deal with you “people” in an appropriate manner, but alas nature does not work in that way. It is also amusing that the “judge” to which you refer will be guided mostly by the quran, which is no guide what-so-ever. Have you ever wondered why you muslim “males” feel the need to suppress your women folk!! Probably not!

  10. “Your qualifications are not impressive – most here have long exceeded your mediocre achievements, and I might add that your qualification appears more suspect with every pseudo-scientific line you write”
    Your language and your arguments clearly reflects your low level of education so you don’t have to tell me about it, its well know that people with poor education and intelligence like you compensate that with dirty words and insults like you obviously do.
    “Of course this estimate varies in the west, and is not always 18 years as you incorrectly state”
    THAAAAANK GOD..FINALLY ,my words managed to penetrate your thick skull and you got what I meant.
    If you know that it is not always 18 like the west why in gods name do you accuse prophet Mohamed the master of humanity of being a pedophile then.
    If your thick brain understands that women develop earlier in some other areas, why do you falsely accuse people of these shameful things without understanding their culture?

  11. “If you know that it is not always 18 like the west why in gods name do you accuse prophet Mohamed the master of humanity of being a pedophile then.”

    I think you’re missing a major point here, or simply do not wish to acknowledge that ANY person who thinks that having a sexual relationship with a 9-year old is a good idea and is nothing but a pedophile. Like mohammed, whom you continue to defend for having these desires, for carrying out these desires, and then promoting these desires and calling it a religion.

    So, are you going to deny that mohammed had sex with a 9-year old?

  12. “So, are you going to deny that mohammed had sex with a 9-year old?”

    Of course I am going to deny that, because you people either didn’t perceive the Hadith and Sira well, or you all are playing stupid.
    Prophet Mohamed married her when she was 6 then she move to his house when she was 9 and in other Hadith 11,there was lot of women in prophet Mohamed house, and she moving into his house doesn’t mean he was having sex with her before she reaches a prober age.
    When prophet Mohamed died Aisha was in her teens, can you tell me how come she didn’t become pregnant while his other women did?
    No one can prove that prophet Mohamed had sex with Aisha before she reached a proper age by the standards of that time and that place(not your stupid western standards) so again ,stop these false accusations that you all don’t know anything about.

  13. hasbeen.
    I find your clumsy attempt to twist the intent of the argument amusing, The abuse of juveniles is quite comment in muslim countries and its is justified by the abusers with the quran. As I pointed out earlier there is single NO body which can issue interpretation of islamic rubbish, so the interpretation of the quaran is very much on an local scale. You have an issue with what we see islam is, then take it up with your co-religionists and the way they practise their religion of poison. I don’t really care what you or your “profit” believed, except that the historical evidence clearly shows that mohammed was an evil thug and that what he has left is very damaging, to both society and individuals. You are actually too stupid to have an argument with and you are dishonest. You made the imbecilic claim that “Christianity” only permits sexual intercourse above the age of 18 – this is open dishonesty by you (you are either too lazy or too stupid to pick up a reference book). The fallicy of your statement was exposed (and the range is probably between 16-21 – not below 10!!!), and you then attempted to use the counter-argument as a statement supporting islam – which it was not!!! Once again even a thick brain is better than no brain and islamic doctrine is incapable of understanding what we understand by science – you as a self appointed islamofacist spokesman show clear weaknesses in your understanding of science: nearly all judgement based on quranic “law” related to a typical selfish muslim like yourself wishing to molest a child it finds attractive will result in damage to the juvenile. As for Aisha and hoghammed (I apologise to hogs for the insulting comparison with mo the ped): you simply make recourse to your personal beliefs and “religious” dogma as proof and simply ignore the fact that islam acts as a template for the sexual abuse of juveniles.
    Amusing that you have used the existence of our health laws as support for islam, and then in a later email to Rossco you call the same laws stupid!!! Given time you muslims always shoot yourselves in the foot but this time your implication was correct – islam is idiotic!!!! Hoping that the Pharoahs, whose tombs you vandalised, return from the after life and take you to hell – because it will save us the trouble of doing so.

    And the variation is huge, simply because the quran contains no firm statements – simply vague utterings that are open to interpretation. The quran was written for a violent pedophile called mohammed by other humans – there is nothing devine about it. Now, mohammed was a murderer and rapist – end of story

  14. I can see this argument is going no where as you guys are so brainwashed and worst u now worship your Masonic brainwashers, I just want to point out something hope it would liberate some readers of this site.
    In the west today, there are groups of people who always seem to have their point or view heard (media people). They have their opinions, so it’s not necessary for you to have yours – they will take care of “the thinking” for you. When it comes to other opinions, the other side is minimized, transformed, or never even heard. If you have constructive criticism you are labeled a hate monger paedophile,terrorist or whistle blower that is ostracized for telling it like it is. The Brainwashers for example preach diversity, but down deep they abhor it, unless it agrees with what they have in store for you. Today’s brainwashers have the power and an agenda; ,and they see Islam as the biggest threat for their agenda as Islam promotes justice and peace and freedom, they don’t want you to be free, my advice to you guys..just be careful read the Quran and sunah carefully, be objective and u will know how brainwashed you are.

  15. I thought it was historically accepted that Mohammed started roughly 78 offensive wars, personally beheaded 6-700 people, had sex with a minor, referred to his black African slaves as ‘raisin heads’, and admitted being possessed by devils, until he told the biggest load of bullshit known to man that the Angel Gabriel had visited him.

    That does not sound like the perfect human to me?

    Also, why is he referred to as a ‘Prophet’, when he uttered no prophecies?

    He originally prayed in the direction of Jerusalem, but when the Jews and Christians refused to convert to his newly made-up religion, he got angry, changed the direction to Mecca, and then contradicted his earlier peaceful sayings with frustrated ego-maniacal violent rhetoric.

    He did not even introduce Allah, as that was the name of a pagan moon god which his ancestors worshipped. The black stone is a relic from those days.

    I could go on, but it just amazes me that Muslims are so mis-informed. Then again, even if they did educate themselves, they would pay a price for turning away from Islam.

    Mohammed is burning in hell as we speak. In fact, I think there is even a part in the Quran or the Haddiths in which it is said that Allah is a deceiver who populates hell with all those who believe in him.

    Allah = Satan, the greatest deceiver of all time. Boy has he deceived these gullible Muslims.

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