Delusional: Thailand holds 'peace talks' with Muslim jihadists

Thailand holds ‘peace talks’ with Muslim militants

“There are talks to achieve peace which is a crucial government policy”-

Very well.

So what?  The policy is no more than a wish.  Its a wish born out of ignorance. That’s what most government policy is these days. Its not Islamic policy and therefore the soldiers of allah will not be able to make peace with the Buddhist idol worshipers of Thailand. The best possible outcome could be a hudna, which can last for up to 10 years before jihad resumes; but that will not be the case given that there is no recognized Islamic ruler who could enforce it.

Radio Netherlands 17 August 2012 via Europe News

Thailand said Thursday it was holding peace talks with some Muslim insurgent groups in its violence-wracked south, in a policy reversal which follows a recent surge in militant attacks. Informal talks are under way between the government agency in charge of the region — the Southern Border Provinces Administration Center — and several militant splinter groups, according to a deputy prime minister. “Don’t call it negotiations… but there are talks to achieve peace which is a crucial government policy,” Yutthasak Sasiprapa, who is in charge of national security, told reporters.

“The government has assigned the Southern Border Provinces Administration Center responsibility for the talks as they are well aware who to talk to.”

The talks are with splinter groups from the Runda Kumpulan Kecil (RKK) — one of a web of insurgent organisations believed to be behind attacks, he said.

“We talk with newly set up groups of young people which separated from the RKK,” Yutthasak said, adding that up to 9,000 insurgents overall were estimated to be operating in the violence-hit southern provinces. (…)

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  1. Trying to hold “peace talks” with the jihadists ?. How unreilistic ! This is a waste of time and effort because those who practice Islam’s militant jihadism would only be disingenous and would just dissimulate in any so called “dialogue for peace.” In fact, the Bible explains the truth about the idea of having “negotiations” with such characters. For in Pslam 55:20,21. it reads “Such men do vioence to those at peace with them and break their promised word: their speech is smother then butter but their thoughs are of war.” [NEB]

  2. This is sad to hear. I was under the impression that Thais were one of the few peoples left on earth who cheerfully kick Muslim ass right and left with no mercy and no apologies.

    Why is everyone turning into such pussies? The Indians and Israelis have also started to let Muslims walk all over them. The Chinese are the about the only ones left who stand up to them.

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