Flying Pigs!

Ban Ki-moonbat joins US in condemning ‘inflammatory’ comments on Israel

United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moonbat condemned the Iranian leadership’s “offensive and inflammatory” recent statements on Israel and called on the international community to condemn such provocations.–Story and pic at The Times of Israel

 Al-Quds Day a celebration of hatred and terrorism

Its a shiite event: Michael Coren explains (below the fold)

Paki Shiits shout slogans beside a burning Israeli flag during a rally against Israel and the United States to mark the Al-Quds (Jerusalem) day on the last Friday of the holiest month of Ramadan in Peshawar on August 17, 2012

The snake is back:

Time, CNN reinstate Zakaria after plagiarism review– its not like they don’t have any other Islamo-clowns, but brother Fareed is Zero’s favourite  lip-spittle……

Its just a tiny minority of excremists, okay? Nothing to worry about…. really.

Grievance Mongering

Never hire a muslim:

“As a Canadian professional Muslim woman who wears the Hijab, I wouldn’t want to have to chose between my religion and my employment.”

Niggerization not niggardly, or something….

Mark Steyn: Half-wit demagoguery, hard truths

Americans, according to a Winston Churchill quote of uncertain provenance, always do the right thing after they’ve exhausted all other possibilities. More verifiably, Sir Winston, upon being asked if he had any criticism of the United States, replied tersely: “Toilet paper too thin, newspapers too fat.”

But that was then. Today, America is a land of two-ply toilet paper and one-ply newspapers. Being made of sterner stuff than Churchill’s posterior, the eco-left want to ban two-ply bathroom tissue on environmental grounds, which would devastate the economy of Canada, whence comes most American bathroom tissue, at least until the Canadians, being the House of Saud of toilet paper, start shipping it to China, as they’re now doing with their oil ever since Obama told them to go lay pipe somewhere elseArticle Tab: Vice President Joe Biden greets supporters at the Institute for Advanced Research and Learning in Danville, Va. on Aug. 14, 2012.

Vice President Joe Biden greets supporters at the Institute for Advanced Research and Learning in Danville, Va. on Aug. 14, 2012.


As for those once-fat newspapers, they’re now so thin that they’ve only got room for the very mostest important news, like whether 30-year-old law-school coeds have sufficient access to federally mandated contraception and (breaking!) the dog Mitt Romney put on the roof of his car in the early Eighties. You have to be able to prioritize.  —MARK STEYN has more…..


Michael Coren:  BY  ,QMI AGENCY

Beyond the hatred, the racism and the anger, there’s a certain irony surrounding Al-Quds Day, commemorated this weekend internationally and to its shame — in Toronto.

The event was founded by the Ayatollah Khomeini, and is an overwhelmingly Shiite Islam event. Anybody who knows Islam will understand that the Shiites are despised in most of the majority Sunni world. They were treated as second-class citizens in Lebanon, they are murdered in Pakistan, they are thought as being, golly, even worse than the Jews in Syria, and there aren’t any in Egypt because Saladin killed them all.

So spare me the lies and propaganda about Islamic brotherhood and the fraternity of Muslim believers. You have not seen genuine hatred if you haven’t seen how Muslim sect treats Muslim sect. And you’ll see a lot more of it when President Assad falls, and his fellow Alawites, a version of Shiite Islam, are likely slaughtered like cattle.

While this sordid event can take place in Canada, it would likely be banned or violently suppressed in most Muslim countries. Believe me, it’s not about Jews; it’s about power, and the psychotic inability of international Muslim leadership to tolerate anybody who does not agree with the established position.

The epicentre of Al-Quds Day is Iran, where homosexuals are publicly executed, women stoned to death, dissidents gang-raped and then murdered, the Holocaust denied, and international terrorism planned and financed.

Tehran is the model that many of the people at the centre of this protest admire and would like to see replicated everywhere.

They couldn’t give a damn about the Palestinians, and see their plight as another way to extend their own ideology. Good Lord, some of them even pretend to be Iranian when they’re not. I interviewed one of the Al-Quds Day organizers some years ago, and knew him to be Pakistani. He lied to my face, because being Iranian is apparently way sexier in the Islamic fanatic community.

So this is not about free speech at all. Freedom is sacred, but it is not the same as license. All civilized people condemn public pleas for violence and genocide, which is what will be heard at the demonstration if they are in any way similar to past gatherings, and judging by activists’ e-mails that have already been circulated.

There may well also be Hezbollah flags flown. This internationally recognized terrorist group is illegal in Canada and is also playing a central role in the Syrian massacres that we read about every day.

Imagine, for example, a large group of people waving Paul Bernardo flags, or Nazi banners.

A lot of mainstream Arabs and supporters of Palestine are uncomfortable with this gruesome display, but too many politicians, especially Liberal ones, seem to measure morality by votes.

It’s not whether something is wrong or not, but how many people might support the party if a stand is taken.

That’s horrible. In some ways even more horrible than the day itself.

As you read, this I’ll be speaking to 800 Catholics in Winnipeg. No terror, no hatred, no screaming for blood.

Religions aren’t all the same.

Really, really not the same.


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  1. I am not bothered that they burnt the flags.

    I am more entertained that people who hate both Israel and the US took the time to carefully make replicas of something they hate so much.

    Now, that makes me smile.

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