Germany: Muslim Doctor Sold European Organs to Foreign Muslims

This business has been going on for quite some time.

Kosovo’s Muslim prime minister was ‘a mafia boss who stole human organs from Serb prisoners and sold them for profit’–He was all smiles when he honoured Tony Blair for helping to liberate his country.  Arabs in Sinai cut up Africans who try to make their way to Israel; Organ snatchers of the Sinai desert- Daily Mail  and Israel stands accused of organ dealing when they help poor blacks in Haiti and elsewhere.

Bodysnatchers & Organ Dealers

The “worst scandal in the history of German transplant medicine” has erupted at a transplant clinic in Göttingen. Unsurprisingly, a Muslim is at the centre of it. Equally unsurprisingly, the German media are doing their best to cover up the fact that he is a Muslim. When the German television channel covered the story, they pixellated the Muslim’s face. One newspaper report used German journalists’ favourite euphemism (their equivalent of the “Asian” used by British journalists) for Muslims: “Südländer” [person from southern lands]. Sure, a person from the southern lands. Like, I don’t know, Italy, Portugal, Greece? No, not quite. These Südländers are usually Turks. And that appears to be true in this case. Step forward Ayman (or Aiman) Obed, super well-integrated moderate Muslim.

The scandal seems to be gathering momentum as more facts come out. But here’s what’s known now:The Muslim arranged for people to receive organs who wouldn’t otherwise have been entitled to them. He did this by falsifying their medical records, inventing ailments where none existed and making existing ones appear worse than they really were.

Some or all of the people who received these organs were from foreign countries, including Middle-Eastern countries where the ideology of Islam prevails.

Some of the organs taken from Europeans should not have been taken because the normal conditions for removing organs were not present. For example, one case involves organs having been taken from a man even though the protocols for determining brain death had not been fulfilled. (So was this Muslim killing European patients who might have survived to harvest their organs and give them to his fellow Muslims living abroad?)

There are at least 25 suspected cases.

The same Muslim was caught doing essentially the same thing – breaking the rules to arrange for a patient in Jordan to receive a European organ – in 2006 but somehow got away with it. (No doubt political correctness was a contributory factor.)

The Braunschweig prosecutor’s office is now investigating the Muslim for corruption and falsification of documents. Charges of wounding and killing through negligence are also being considered because patients may have suffered or even died because of the deception. (Of course Europeans waiting for a transplant must have died if rare organs were given to foreign Muslims instead.)

The doctor cannot be contacted now. He is believed to now be operating at a clinic in Saudi Arabia.

Regarding the motives of the doctor, who was already suspected of manipulation in his former post at the University of Regensburg, Siess and his colleague Sebastian Freytag can only wonder about: it may be altruistic motives, in order to help patients, but also ambition, to increase the reputation of the transplant centre through lots of operations, but also greed, because ge was bribed – everything is possible.

Source: Goettinger Tageblatt 

Everything is possible indeed except medical jihad and the systematic preference for Muslims over non-Muslims that all Muslims everywhere on earth exhibit. This is why no Muslim can ever be trusted in a position of responsibility. Their power will always be abused to favour the interests of other Muslims and disadvantage the kuffar.

The blog Kybeline is all over this story. If you can read German and want to know more, go there (link, link) for links to the primary sources.

5 thoughts on “Germany: Muslim Doctor Sold European Organs to Foreign Muslims”

  1. The joy of travel…a South Sudanese girl told me about Southern Sudanese going to “dentists” in Cairo and ending up dead, organs removed, in the desert. Needless to say, Australians I told were not impressed. “Yawn…whatever…”

  2. In California, a doctor and hospital was busted for putting Saudis up on the wait list and selling them organs and covering it up. Saudi money.
    I changed my donor status to non-donor after that. Sorry, if I cant trust that Saudi money wont buy my organs, Im not donating. Sucks, but thats how I feel about it now.
    Here’s the story on the Saudi buying of organs and cover up:,0,7006696.story

  3. Germans Der Spiegel fails to mention any of that, just a Doctor in Germany (Dr. O)
    “Germany’s healthcare system is highly respected around the world, but a growing scandal over organ transplant fraud has sparked a fierce debate over medical ethics in the country. A doctor is suspected of tampering with his patients’ records to push them to the top of the transplant list.”

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