"Islamic Science"

More on the absurd claims that science proves the Koran

 Dr. Abdel Basset Mohamed al-Sayed, is the same person who recently claimed that NASA was hiding proof of the Koran discovered by their scientists – another of whom supposedly converted to Islam! His claims about a Jewish embryologist who supposedly converted to Islam based on his scientific research is receiving a lot of attention – from Muslim countries.


Muslims claim Jewish doctor proves Koran correct; converts

There’s only one small problem with this story: the “Jewish doctor” doesn’t exist. He is pure fiction. Just like the Mossad trained sharks that ruin the Egyptian tourist industry.  (EoZ)

This story has been all over Arabic language media over the past week.According to the story, a Jewish embryologist at the “Albert Einstein Institute” named Robert Gillham converted to Islam after discovering that a man’s “imprint” remains with a woman he’s slept with for three months afterwards.
The story says that Gillham tested women for the existence of these “imprints” and discovered that many American women had imprints from multiple men, showing that they were promiscuous. He tested his wife and found out that she also had sex with other men, and in fact one of his three children was not his.But Muslim women that he tested were all faithful, according to the story.Since Islam decrees a three-month waiting period after divorce in order to ensure that any subsequent child has clear parentage, his purported discovery of this three-month “imprint” proves that the Koran contains all of modern science – and therefore he converted to Islam.

I could find no record of any embryologist named Robert Gillham nor any doctor with that name who worked at any institution named Einstein.

The story was first told by Dr. Abdel Basset Mohamed al-Sayed, an Egyptian professor, and has been published in numerous Arabic media since then.

The irony is that the 90 day waiting period after divorce in Islam, which supposedly shows how well the Koran knows science, comes from…Judaism!

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  1. Sheikh wrote: No, Neil Armstrong did not hear the adhan, the Muslim call to prayer, while on the moon, and no, he never converted to Islam!

    What? You are kiddin.

  2. But if you repeat the lie often enough it become the truth – that is the islamic strategy!!!

  3. You know, I was just thinking of Neil Armstrong today, reminiscing the day when the teachers at my school told us all to go home & watch TV, and started to think…I wonder how long it will be before some piece of islamic garbage will try to run the story that he was a muslim?

    Didn’t take long, did it?

  4. Maybe people should know that Muhammad taught that “stars were created by Allah as missles to throw at devils.” This was the same man who gave information that eventually went into the compostition of this “scientific” Quran into the world.

    [Source THE ISLAMIC INVATION by Robert Morey p.205 ]

  5. Muslim inferiority complex rears it’s ugly head in the form of revisionist history at it’s best.

    How pathetic!

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