UK gets 2 more mosques, Libya bulldozes one

Victims of “Islamophobia” get approvals for 2 more mosques!

 The BBC reports that two new mosques, in Cambridge and York, have been given planning permission. Both had been subjected to hostile campaigns aimed at forcing the local council to block the plans. Two new mosques get go ahead

Sweden: Point out the obvious and they call you a ‘Nazi’

Fighting crime causes more crime-  fighting Islamic terrorism causes more terrorism, say Muslims:

NYPD  program “risks alienating Muslims and hasn’t generated a single lead” claims Mustard, at the Guardian, where else?

Every Paki will get his reward:

Actually, oddly enough, it was Sunni Muslim “hardliners” who did the deed, as they consider Sufis heretical. And Jihad Watch reader Maxwell commented: “Why wasn’t there a Rachel Corrie to stop the bulldozer?”

“Sufi shrines attacked ‘by Islamist hardliners’ in Libya,” from Malta Today, August 26 (JW)

 Joshua Trevino and the Guardian “have mutually agreed to go [their] separate ways”

One doubts very much that the majority of the Guardian’s already drastically dwindling print readership will be content with the knowledge that freedom of speech in their newspaper of choice is dictated by a tiny cult of extremist cranks like  Ali Abunimah and his minions. There is a Stalinesque silencing of certain brands of opinion by intolerant extremist bullies.

“The Americans are brainless”

“I think the Americans are brainless,” the other replied. “If a terrorist wants to do something, he or she would not wear religious attire.” (The man’s right: The 9/11 hijackers were not wearing religious clothing.) Adam Serwer on ‘Mother Jones’

But Serwer is wrong. The 9/11 hijackers didn’t want to draw attention to themselves, but Hasan Malik who killed 14 of his fellow soldiers at breakfast and wounded another 40 wore his kaftan and the coffee-filter with pride. Try again, Adam!

The AP’s smear of the NYPD—Editorial –

Just when it seemed that The Associated Press was done tarring the NYPD, along comes another disingenuous hit on the department’s efforts to keep the city safe from terrorism. …  (Mullah)

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  1. Re: Victims of “Islamophobia” get approvals for 2 more mosques!

    The Mosquebusters were doing fine until they explained their strategy. Unlike our politicians, our enemy actually do take note of what we say and use it against us.

    Now we need a new strategy, and should keep it a secret!

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