Poland: “Madonna concert’s goal is to ridicule God and our religion”

They got that right. The old hag  has a 24-year old muselmanic toy boy who will stop at nothing to convert her to Islam. Islam will replace her shallow kabbala infused mental baggage without her even realising it. Only a matter of time before she wears the hijab and declares her conversion, mark my words.

Madonna in Poland

Madonna Offends in Warsaw, Poland by Performing on Uprising Anniversary

“The concert’s goal is to ridicule God and our religion.”Read More »

 Members of the Catholic youth association, under the direction of local priests, held a mass vigil in Warsaw, deriding the Madonna concert as being “in opposition to sacred Christian values,” and as “a profane desecration of the faith of the Polish people. The concert’s goal is to ridicule God and our religion.”

Devout Catholics also complained about the content of her show. AFP reports:

The Youth Crusade also slammed the 53-year-old Queen of Pop’s on-stage antics as “attacking the Catholic faith… offending Jesus Christ by burning crosses and wearing a crown of thorns” as well as promoting homosexuality and pornography.

Warsaw Archbishop Henryk Hoser urged residents to pray against what he termed Madonna’s “blasphemous concert”. Poland remains one of Europe’s most devoutly Roman Catholic countries.

3 thoughts on “Poland: “Madonna concert’s goal is to ridicule God and our religion””

  1. God bless the Polish people for doing what the Sodomite States of America and most of Western Europe haven’t the backbone or balls to do.
    Madonna is such a sow,second only to Michelle Obummer.

  2. Madonna is not ridiculing! She is trying to make you sit up and question instead of believing everything that is put in front of you! Like the Catholic church has nothing to hide? Try telling that to the kids in Ireland who were abused by their priests, all of which was covered up by the Church as usual! Madonna pushes buttons and thank God she does!! Madonna wants you to think! Don’t be a sheep. There is good and bad in all so hold onto the good aspects but root out the bad. No religion is without its faults. Respect!

  3. ‘Respect?’

    Madonna makes you think? Really?

    Madonna is a moral guardian and every Catholic priest is a pedophile?

    Me thinks you are a fool!

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