Saudi Cleric Says Equality for Women ‘Sends Shivers Down Your Spine’

‘This is World War III’: Saudi Cleric Says Equality for Women ‘Sends Shivers Down Your Spine’

Islam, as many a liberal thinker will happily inform you, is a religion of peace, and anyone who disagrees, or questions what else it might teach, is racist. If this is so, one wonders how such people would defend the following clip, apparently of a sermon by Saudi cleric Sa’d Al-Qa’ud, decrying the U.N. Convention on the Elimination of all forms of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW), a law which the cleric in the video decries as an attack on “Allah and his Shari’a.”

“Reading the articles of this agreement, dear brothers, sends shivers down your spine, and make your hair stand on end due to its hideous nature,” al-Qa’ud snarls.

“One of the articles in this agreement, dear brothers, calls for complete equality between men and women. Any distinction between men and women is eliminated. One of the articles states that when a girl reaches the age of 18, nobody has guardianship over her. Not her father, her husband, her brother, or anyone for that matter. She can act with complete freedom. They say that a girl younger than 18 has the right to decide when she will become sexually active. It means she can decide when to exercise her right to commit consensual fornication.”

This, apparently, horrifies Al-Qa’ud. “Anyone contemplating this agreement knows full well that this is World War III, this time against the family, Muslim and non-Muslim,” he says.


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