We are such suckers, and they're playing us for the fools we are….

Andrew Bolt

But don’t call them illegals

The Australian Press Council warns journalists not to use the phrase “illegal immigrants” – another absurd attempt to restrict a frank discussion on what is really occurring:

THE relatives of one of Asia’s most notorious people-smugglers are living in suburban Melbourne and operating a grocery store that police suspect has been used to send money to people-smugglers.

The store, known as the Alamdar Super Store, is one of about six businesses operating in and around a single street in Dandenong which authorities believe has become the Australian hub for transferring funds offshore to pay for places on asylum boats.

The Alamdar store in Thomas Street has come to the attention of the Australian Federal Police which, along with multiple members of the community, believe its owners, Ali Ashgar and Juma Khan Karimi, are relatives of convicted people-smuggler Haji Sakhi, who was deported from Indonesian custody back to his native Pakistan in January.

A third man, also believed to be a relative of Haji Sakhi, is associated with the Alamdar Super Store.

Mr Ashgar denies the relationship with Haji Sakhi as well as any involvement in people-smuggling while Mr Khan is in Pakistan and could not be reached for comment.

The Weekend Australian does not allege they have broken the law.

Meanwhile, Immigration authorities finally decide another people smuggler isn’t a refugee, after all:

Accused people smuggler ‘’Captain Emad’’ has had his visa cancelled, two months after he fled Australia.

Really tough, our officials. Now, about Emad’s family. How is it that they get to stay, if Emad himself is a fraud?:

His wife, three adult children and their dependents all won refugee status.

4 thoughts on “We are such suckers, and they're playing us for the fools we are….”

  1. The word “Hazara” has become akin to saintliness. Oh! They are an oppressed minority…oppressed minorities are without fault…quick, we must save them, has been the cry for so long.
    They are the asylum-seeker aficionados’ babies..who knows how many Afghanis have said they are Hazaras to get accepted into Australia?

  2. Do not use the phrase “illegal immigrants”. Instead say “muslim invaders”.

  3. They are whatever they wanna be, for stupid infidels. Among themselves they know very well what ‘muslim’ means and what needs to be done…..

    Emad and his brood are from Kuwait. Does anyone ever ask what they’re fleeing from?

    From Islam?

  4. “If the freedom of speech is taken away then dumb and silent we may be led, like sheep to the slaughter.” ~ George Washington

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