We are such suckers, and they're playing us for the fools we are….

Andrew Bolt

But don’t call them illegals

The Australian Press Council warns journalists not to use the phrase “illegal immigrants” – another absurd attempt to restrict a frank discussion on what is really occurring:

THE relatives of one of Asia’s most notorious people-smugglers are living in suburban Melbourne and operating a grocery store that police suspect has been used to send money to people-smugglers.

The store, known as the Alamdar Super Store, is one of about six businesses operating in and around a single street in Dandenong which authorities believe has become the Australian hub for transferring funds offshore to pay for places on asylum boats.

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The Dutch Dilemma

Dutch Conservative VVD aims to get tough Islamic ‘marriage migration’, rules out coalition with Labour PvdA

More Security, Less Immigration

Gates of Vienna

Four weeks from today the people of the Netherlands will vote in a general election. Geert Wilders and the PVV are poised to make significant gains in Parliament, despite the firewall erected against them by the Dutch state media and the political elite.  Read further…

“In the biggest cities, 60 percent of the Moroccan men are jobless. In Rotterdam, one in two Moroccan men have already been arrested twice.” “Increasingly large numbers of partners are arriving from the hinterland of Turkey and the Rif mountains (in Morocco)  Once again new generations of illiterates who do not speak the language. They divorce after three years, and then the next partner is again brought in from abroad.”

Wilders’ PVV party, unfortunately are not leading the polls, but it is clear people are listening, and more are willing to act to change this heading-for-the-cliff’s-edge policies.

NIS News/Islamization Watch/ THE HAGUE, 11/05/10 – Conservative (VVD) leader Mark Rutte believes a coalition between his party and Labour (PvdA) is not possible. The differences between the two parties appear to be too great, he says in an interview with De Dagelijkse Standaard website.

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Intimidation works: Immigration Fraudster Imam Qatanani can stay in U.S.

* Winds of Jihad featured Qantanani  on several occasions,  and how his supporters beleagered the courthouse for weeks and months to excert pressure on the judiciary. It seems to have had the desired effect: the creep got his residence permit.

* AP shills for Mohammad Qatanani

* Bleeding Hearts For Jihad

* Fitzgerald: The respected cleric’s deportation trial

* New Jersey Imam is member of Hamas

Update: Terror claims against NJ Muslim leader rejected

Popular Passaic County cleric can stay in U.S.

by Amy Ellis Nutt/The Star-Ledger

Thursday September 04, 2008, 1:13 PM


Mohammad Qatanani, left , the imam of the Islamic Center of Passaic County is kissed on the forehead by a member of his mosque after it was learned the imam can stay in the United States.

A U.S. immigration judge has granted permanent residency to a prominent Passaic County Muslim leader accused of ties to Palestinian militants.

“I believe in the justice system,” Mohammad Qatanani said after learning the decision.

(Of course he does. That’s why he wants to replace it with sharia…/ed)

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