A Lecture with Stephen Coughlin

Must watch:

If you want to understand how Muslims Islamic savages operate you must watch this video lecture by Stephen Coughlin, the man who was sacked from DHS because he knew too much. The resident Mustards got him sacked from his job. Here, Coughlin explains the context of  how jihad  is used to force sharia on us. (thanks to Vlad Tepes)

Ex Muslim now Christian pastor explains Islamic actions this week

Vlad Tepes presents:

More mayhem from the religion of peace

4 thoughts on “A Lecture with Stephen Coughlin”

  1. Superb video! A must watch. Thanks for finding this, sheikh.

    We shall lose our freedoms first through our freedom of speech.

  2. The western nations must consider withdrawing from the UN and renouncing all agreements imposed on them through the UN rather than through the ballot box. In its place should be a Western Alliance and the enemies of the Alliance should be clearly defined. Appropriate action should then be taken as required, up to and including a declaration of war upon those enemies. Compare current affairs now with the history leading up to the 2nd World War. In both cases appeasement is the order of the day before hostilities break out. The study of Islam, warts and all, should be included in our education system side by side with the study of our Constitution and the system of government that stems from it. Our future leaders would then be so enlightened. We should also review under constitutional law our definition of what is a religion and then de-register Islam as a religion and accept it as a political force to be reckoned with. Otherwise we may as well chuck in the towel now and accept dhimmitude.
    Over to you.
    Does anyone agree?

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