Australia: Mosque Raids Will Cause 'Rising Anger' Against Police

Deja Poo: Imam wants apology for Australian raid

Just in thanks to Mullah:
“Police Raids Will Cause Islamic Terrorism”

… Sheik Omerdic said he had no problem with police raiding the centre and the homes of people connected to it.   He is worried the raids and accompanying publicity will fuel support within the community for Mr Mehicevic and his teachings.

“Now there will be rising anger, not against Mehicevic, but against police,” he said. …

… Imam Ibrahim Omerdic, of the Noble Park mosque, said he was worried the police raids would marginalise the entire Islamic community.

“Maybe they find nothing, and from one stupid man, everyone will (be) poisoned,” he said. …

 In other news:
 “Backlash” in Melbournistan:

In a normal religious community, no one would be “endangered” or “bashed”:

AN ASIO officer may have inadvertently endangered a Melbourne man helping the intelligence organisation spy on the Islamic centre raided this week, after their secret conversations were revealed on social media.  (Bolt)

There are some rather disturbing things going on among the adherents of this abnormal ‘religious community: Touchy parishioners

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  1. Is that a load of rubbish or what? Possibly they don’t understand ( although you would have to ask why any educated would want to) their own religion is because Islam will not allow any questions of it. The present riots and killings are an example of the complete intolerance of many Muslims.

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