At last: U.S. suspends training of Afghan police recruit training after scores of attacks on NATO forces

WTF did it take so long?

Light bulb moment: US suspends training of Afghan police recruit training after scores of attacks on NATO forces   (Pamela Geller)


Shoot Karzai!

President Hamid Karzai seems to be is appealing to the anti-Western mob, while betraying the allies who have secured his power and his country: Karzai attacks our soldiers

How many soldiers did we have to sacrifice to this delusional religion-of-peace fantasist policy? Obama, the Taliban president.

Taliban infiltration led to the rocket attack plane of America’s top military General, General Martin Dempsey, at Bagram Airbase. And that was just days after US troops were killed by an Afghan police attack, and not a week after three US soldiers were murdered during the Ramadan meal (the meal that one of the victims, Captain Menoukian, insisted that his Marines observe). Despite the respect, subservience and dhimmitude displayed by the US military, they were murdered anyway. Full-on jihad.

Two weeks ago three US special forces gunned down by traitor Afghan soldier they were training — the THIRD such deadly betrayal of allied forces in a week.

These acts of jihad were “virtually unheard of just a few years ago” when America was the “strong horse.” But Obama’s anti-freedom pro-jihad foreign policy has given the global jihad a new lease on death and all but erased whatever gains were made under Bush. Obama has resurrected the Taliban. And he continues to stalk them for “peace” as they ratchet up their jihadi war on the US and NATO. Obama, stop begging and start fighting.

It is suicidal stupidity  to hand over modern weapons to illiterate headbangers like this:

Summer Death Toll: America’s War Dead

“Afghan police recruits’ training halted after attacks on Nato” BBC, September 2, 2012

The US says it is suspending training for new recruits to the Afghan local police (ALP) while checks are carried out on possible ties to the Taliban.

The move follows a series of incidents in which foreign troops have been killed by Afghan soldiers or policemen.

The suspension of training – which only applies to new ALP recruits – will allow US special operations forces to “re-vet” current ALP forces.

US special forces currently have around 1,000 Afghan local police trainees.

“While we have full trust and confidence in our Afghan partners, we believe this is a necessary step to validate our vetting process and ensure the quality indicative of Afghan local police,” Col Thomas Collins, spokesperson for US forces in Afghanistan, said in a statement.

The suspension of training would be “temporary”, according to Col Collins, adding: “Despite the recent rise in insider attacks, they are relatively rare among SOF [Special Operations Forces]-partnered forces.”

An existing eight-step vetting programme will be made more rigorous, officials say.

The number of counter-intelligence teams will be increased and there will be greater vetting when Afghan soldiers return from leave.

The international mission here has been trying to get a grip on rising insider or “green-on-blue” attacks. Recently commanders from all the various forces here met to discuss how they stop the attacks happening.

It was agreed then to re-examine the vetting of candidates. American special forces commanders, who are responsible training the ALP, consulted with Gen John Allen and the Afghan Ministry of Interior.

Training for around 1,000 new recruits is suspended – and the remaining 15,000 plus ALP members will continue working as normal but will be ‘re-vetted’. The ALP have been to blame for a number of green-on-blue attacks, but more come from the regular army and police force.

It remains to be seen whether the rest of Afghan forces, namely the national police and the national Army, will also have to undergo revetting. That would be a huge task given that they number almost 350,000.

The sale of Afghan army and police uniforms will be made illegal.

Military guidelines on vetting have sometimes not been followed in the past for fear of slowing the growth of the Afghan security forces, officials told the Washington Post.

Operations by forces already trained would continue, as would the recruitment of new trainees, US Special Operations Forces spokesman Lt Col John Harrell told the Associated Press.

There are currently 16,380 members of the ALP.

The Afghan army and national police, trained by Nato, are unaffected by the suspension. The training of Afghan special forces will also continue.

On average, 7,000 Afghan soldiers and 3,700 Afghan police graduate from training every month.

The ALP is a relatively new force, introduced to improve security in some of the most remote parts of the country, the BBC’s Quentin Sommerville in Kabul reports.

‘Green-on-blue’ attacks

On Wednesday, three Australian soldiers were killed by a man in Afghan army uniform in Uruzgan province

Green on blue deaths
  • So far this year there have been some 45 in more than 30 “green-on-blue” deaths – mostly Americans
  • There were 35 such deaths during 2011
  • A dozen British service personnel have been killed in such attacks since 2009
  • About 130,000 coalition troops are fighting alongside 350,000 Afghan security personnel against the Taliban-led insurgency

Currently, approximately 130,000 Nato troops are fighting insurgents in Afghanistan alongside 350,000 Afghans.

Some 45 coalition troops have died in more than 30 “green-on-blue” attacks this year, at least 15 of them in August alone.

The term refers to the colour-coding systems used by the US military – Nato forces are “blue” and Afghans are “green”.

The Taliban has been actively recruiting members of the Afghan security forces, publicly announcing that insider attacks were a central part of their strategy against Nato forces.

Most of the victims of the green

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