Clint Eastwood and that empty chair

“We own this country”

Associated Press Calls Clint Eastwood‘s Speech ’A Bizarre, Rambling Endorsement’ of Mitt

Sure thing. When a conservative mumbles something like a “government for the people by the people” it simply confuses  Obamunists. Libtards are looking for a hopenchanger who pays their mortgage and puts gas in their car.

“When somebody doesn’t do the job, you gotta let `em go,” Eastwood said.

Obama’s journalistic supporters live in a bizarre alternate reality in which a politician’s actual words mean nothing. When the president says something foolish and offensive, he didn’t say that. Meanwhile every comment from a Republican can be translated, through a process of free association, to: “We don’t like black people.”

Eastwood also said:

Back to business:

Wall Street Journal Slams Obama for His ‘Head-in-the-Sand Performance’ on Iran
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3 thoughts on “Clint Eastwood and that empty chair”

  1. Good job Mr. Eastwood. …..He made some excellent points, empty chair, politicians are our employees, if someone isn’t doing the job they must be removed etc. Labor Day is now empty chair day, put one in your front yard on the appropriate day.

  2. Eastwood speech was clever, subtle and understated.

    As for Eastwood’s detractors.

    We all know that for the entire Republican convention, the MSM media and their researchers were analyzing and raking over every single word uttered by speakers at the convention.

    And the best the MSM could come up with as a scathing critique against the Republicans was to knock and condescend Eastwoods age and mental stability for going off the leftist Hollywood reservation.

  3. of course the leftists ‘obamists’…did not like it…., too many DID like it and it went straight to the point…But the movie stars must be on line with hussein…!?….thanks G-d one at least is NOT and is not afraid to declare it…
    The empty chair is shaking….and in 2 months disappear :))))
    Mr Eastwood _thank you!!!

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